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Feb 21

Cyborg Justice League Line Confirms Darkseid Storyboard Scene

For those that have tighten your sphincters and watched Justice League again closely, you might have heard a line from Cyborg when his armor starts freaking out over Superman that “it’s been stronger since the interface.” This indicates that the Darkseid storyboard that leaked out recently with a brief description telling us it took place …

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Feb 15

Darkseid Justice League Storyboard Breakdown

Past couple days everyone in our little nerd world has been staring at that Justice League storyboard featuring Darkseid. I close my eyes and imagine the scene and when I open my eyes my pants are around my ankles. I decided to breakdown the storyboard from things I’ve seen people spot and my own opinions …

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Feb 13

Darkseid CONFIRMED Appearance in Justice League from Leaked Storyboard

Well look at that. Something…beautiful. A new Justice League storyboard has hit the interwebs that confirms an appearance by the League’s ultimate baddie, Darkseid. A post showed up this morning on the For Snyder Cut website, and the context of the scene is something we all want to see. According to the post, Cyborg jacks …

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