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Jan 29

Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Post-Production Timeline

The Snyder Cut doesn’t exist! It would cost $70 million to complete! Snyder-tards are toxic fandom! In the words of our eccentric president…FAKE NEWS! It exists. It definitely exists, but somewhere in the deep forests of America, Big Foot is walking around with a copy of it. That’s not what we’re really talking about here. …

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Jan 28

The Commissioner Gordon Line Edit to Batman in Justice League that Makes No Sense

It’s been over two months since Justice League hit the big screen and broke our hearts, and the WB hacks keep showing up. The Line Commissioner Gordon says to Batman in the trailer, “It’s nice to see you playing well with others again,” made Bat fans squeal as the word “again” indicated the extended Bat …

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Jan 25

Early Steppenwolf Concepts Show More De-Snydering of Justice League

More evidence of WB de-Snydering Justice League shows up in early concepts for Steppenwolf. Below you can see he looked very much like he did in Batman v Superman, but I’m guessing WB thought he looked a little too scary. Pussies. Also, I suggest visiting the For the Snyder Cut website if you want some …

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Jan 19

Justice League Blu-ray Features Rundown

I’m a day late on this but whatever, want to fight about it? The Justice League Blu-ray will be in stores on March 13th, but the list of features were revealed. Now don’t start popping boners about the deleted scenes just yet, as I believe we’re only getting added Superman scenes that include him getting …

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Jan 18

Ben Affleck’s Batman Stuntman Clears Up Justice League Snyder Cut Comments

Warner Bros. seems to have dispatched their hitmen as Ben Affleck’s Batman stuntman,¬†Richard Cetrone, has been doing some talking. Somebody hit him up not too long ago asking about the Justice League Snyder Cut. He confirmed that one does in fact exist, and gave some hopeful words that people need to keep discussing it so …

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Jan 16

Thoughts on Why Justice League Should’ve Been Postponed

Justice League is still a topic of conversation in the CBM world, and I wanted to give some thoughts about why they should’ve postponed the movie that wouldn’t led to much backlash.

Jan 02

New Justice League Concept Art and BTS Images Show Us What Could’ve Been

New Justice League concept art and behind the scenes shots have surfaced and it shows us more of what could’ve been. Batman handling some Parademon weaponry? Come on!!!

Dec 28

Justice League Blu-Ray Covers Revealed

A couple Justice League Blu-ray covers have been spotted this week. One drawn up and the other spotted on a Canadian site. Sadly, no mention of an extended cut or director’s cut on these covers, so still up in the air whether they will give us a different cut on video.

Dec 20

Justice League Dark Concept Art that Could’ve Been

Justice League Dark is still very much alive in the DCEU, and at one time the perfect director was chosen for it: Guillermo del Toro. Toro has expressed that it’s not happening for him but some interesting concept art has surfaced on the net from Joseph Kahn. My animation test for Swamp Thing. Wanted to …

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Dec 12

Early Justice League Pieces of Concept Art of the Nightcrawler are Beautiful

We have new Justice League concept art that shows us early drawings of Parademons and the Flying Fox. These drawings are from Joshua Viers, and these beautiful. Batman is there too.