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Jun 16

Kevin Smith Confirms Justice League Movie List. Superman Statue Scene Filmed!


Warner Bros. and the DC Universe has been all the talk lately in movie world. So much that it is hard to believe what is legit, and what is absolute BS. Last week, we were treated with a supposed leaked movie list of DC superheroes who are getting movies between 2016 and 2018 that was …

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Jun 14

More Batman v. Superman Photos! Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumors are Back!


Who wants more Batman v. Superman set photos? All of us of course! And more have surfaced giving us a look at a news van and helicopter from the cities that our heroes inhabit. The Jason Momoa Aquaman rumors are and it is difficult to tell if he has been cast or not. Let’s be …

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Jun 12

New Leak Gives the List of Seven DC Superhero Movies Slated through 2018


Rumors. I am not a fan. I quit posting all the ridiculous casting rumors when it came to the casting of characters in the DC Universe. Today though, new rumors came out of the DC Universe/Warner Bros. world, and it got me just a little excited. We recently heard that DC and Warner Bros. had …

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May 21

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Becomes the Official Title!

There it is folks. The new logo and name of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. My guess is, is that the title represents the beginning of the Justice League in Batman Vs Superman, so the title is fitting. Let me know what you think about the new name and logo of the anticipated movie. …

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May 13

New Batsuit and New Batmobile from Batman Vs. Superman Revealed by Zack Snyder!

Look at that! It’s…so…BEAUTIFUL! There he is guys. There he is. It isn’t a totally clear image, but there is a glimpse of the batsuit. The ears are small like we heard about, but can’t tell if the white eyes are there. The new Batmobile has been revealed as promised by Mr. Zack Snyder himself. …

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Apr 27

Zack Snyder Confirmed to Direct the Justice League After Batman Vs. Superman!


Not like it is much of a shock, but it has been officially confirmed that Zack Snyder will in fact direct the Justice League movie that will fall right after Batman Vs Superman. There were many speculations that he was the dude for the job, but a lot were also speculating that Ben Affleck might …

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Jan 25

Two Batsuits for Batman! Ant-Man Takes Batman Vs. Superman’s Release Date!


Hope your Saturday is treating you right my friends. Time for that video portion of the Film Junkee. I kind of rant on all the posts that found it shocking that Gal Gadot was also going to appear in the Justice League movie, as well as her own movie. Also talk a little bit more …

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Jan 22

Gal Gadot will Play Wonder Woman in at Least 2 More Movies


Gal Gadot was shocked when she was chosen to play Wonder Woman, and so were a lot of us. Sure, she is beautiful model/actress, but given her physique, a lot of trolls out there screamed at their computer monitors. Gadot recently interviewed with Good Evening with Gai Pines,¬†which they found out that she signed on …

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Jan 21

Josh Holloway Talks Aquaman Rumors for Batman Vs. Superman


With Batman Vs. Superman being delayed another year, this leaves Warner Bros. and the production more time to figure out what characters will be in the film, as well as who will play them. The rumor mill has been spinning like a fan, and the two actors mentioned for Aquaman were Jason Momoa and Josh …

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Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?!?! Michael Douglas is Ant-Man!


Film Junkee in its video form is back after that week off. Lots of news to talk about, especially in the Batman Vs. Superman world. The codename for the movie has been leaked, and now we have a big rumor that the Justice League movie might be filmed right after Batman Vs. Superman. It never …

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