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Feb 01

Is that Ben Affleck in this Justice League Image?

Who is that? I mean, it looks like Ben Affleck, but it also doesn’t look like Ben Affleck? Crispin Glover? The official Justice League Twitter posted the image of Affleck dressed in his best Bruce Wayne attire which was the scene on the plane where he and Alfred start talking about getting the League together. …

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Oct 05

Kent Farm Demolished? Justice League Sets Up in Iceland!

Kent Farm Demolished? Justice League Sets Up in… by filmjunkee New images from the Kent Farm have surfaced that shows it kind of coming down. Now, they could just be tearing down the set, but maybe this has something to do with Superman. Probably not, but it’s a nice dream to have. Justice League has …

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Nov 30

Construction Begins on the Kent Farm for Batman Vs. Superman [Photos]

Construction has begun at the Kent farm as the production of Batman Vs. Superman gets rolling. Few weeks ago, there were reports that the people of Yorkville saw a strange light in the sky over the location where they shot the Kent farm scenes in Man Of Steel. No one could actually confirm if it …

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