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Nov 21

More Suicide Squad Concept Art and Missing Deleted Joker Scenes

More Suicide Squad Concept Art and Missing… by filmjunkee More concept art has surfaced from Suicide Squad, showing some very early costume designs. The image of the group in the bar would look nicely on my wall, and I wouldn’t mind the Killer Croc image, too. Someone also put together missing Joker scenes that did …

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Aug 06

Suicide Squad Deleted Scene Descriptions Released

Suicide Squad Deleted Scenes Descriptions Released by filmjunkee Get ready to weep slightly. Whether you loved or hated Suicide Squad, the original cut of the movie was a darker movie that pushed the envelope of comicbook movies. But in this world where Rotten Tomatoes can wreck movies, and being PC is the trending, Warner Bros. actively …

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Jul 11

New Suicide Squad Story and Character Details from the Set

New Suicide Squad Story and Character Details… by filmjunkeeSome lucky people got to visit the Suicide Squad set last Summer and they got the lowdown on the characters and the story in general. I’ll try to find as much information but I’ll place the source links down below from the sites posting the info. Story: …

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Jun 21

More Colorful Suicide Squad Character Posters and New Music Video

More Colorful Suicide Squad Character Posters… by filmjunkee More Suicide Squad character posters have been released that you can enjoy. The first music video from the soundtrack also hit the YouTubes today, that does feature footage from the movie. Twenty One Pilots brings us the song “Heathens” which is fitting for this group.

Jan 23

New Suicide Squad Statue Collectible Line Revealed!

New Suicide Squad Statue Collectible Line… by filmjunkee Beautiful statues have been revealed for Suicide Squad. The gang is here except for Slipknot, but whatever, he probably gets killed early on. A new Suicide Squad International TV Spot has been released as well. Have fun.

Jan 17

OFFICIAL Suicide Squad Posters Released by David Ayer!

OFFICIAL Suicide Squad Posters Released by… by filmjunkeeHappy Sunday guys. David Ayer decided to make it better by dropping a the first official Suicide Squad poster. Each of the actors have then been dropping their individual character posters so it is time to collect them all.

Jan 10

New Suicide Squad Image Released!

New Suicide Squad Image Released! by filmjunkee Brand-new image of the Suicide Squad has been released, and David Ayer even did a little talking about the movie. Praise on David! For me, it’s a little more than just dropping a cut scene in the end credits to link projects. For me, it’s a little more than …

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Dec 14

Suicide Squad Synopsis Revealed!

DC Comics has revealed that they will be releasing Suicide Squad statues for anticipated villain romp, but alongside that bit of information, the I guess official synopsis was also revealed to us. Enjoy. SUICIDE SQUAD STATUES It feels good to be bad…Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with …

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Oct 26

More Suicide Squad Images Released with Character Descriptions from the Actors

More Suicide Squad Images Released with… by filmjunkee Tired of Suicide Squad yet? Of course you aren’t. and more keep coming out of that Empire Magazine issue with the Jared Leto Joker on the cover. This time we get more images from the Suicide Squad, and little descriptions underneath from the actors that play them. …

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Oct 26

Second Jared Leto Joker Empire Magazine Cover Released and Suicide Squad Scene Description!

And now we have a second Empire Magazine cover of the Jared Leto Joker, as well as a scene description from the movie. It was to do with Rick Flag introducing Katana to the res of the Suicide Squad, and he warns them of that magical sword she has. “She’s got my back,” Flag informs …

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