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Jun 30

Justice League Movie LEGO Sets Show Atlantis and the Flying Fox

Justice League Movie LEGO Sets Show Atlantis… by filmjunkee Justice League Movie LEGO sets have been revealed in hi-res images. One of the sets leaked out a little while ago, and LEGO started hitting websites up to take the images down. We shall see how long these images stay up.

Feb 19

The LEGO Batman Movie Remains Number One – Box Office

The LEGO Batman Movie remains the Box Office champion as it went against three new movies over the weekend. The three movies didn’t really have a strong draw, even with star power, Matt Damon, for The Great Wall. It’s definitely a flop. 1 1 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $34,225,000 -35.4% 4,088 – $8,372 $98,791,314 …

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Feb 12

The LEGO Batman Movie Beats Out Fifty Shades Darker – Box Office

The LEGO Batman Movie was victorious over the weekend, and it looks like people weren’t all about Fifty Shades Darker like they were with the first movie. First movie made something around $85 million, so half the people came out this time. Still another movie coming. Source: Box Office Mojo 1 N The LEGO Batman …

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Feb 10

The LEGO Batman Movie – Film Review

The LEGO Batman Movie is finally here and we get see what Will Arnett’s Batman is up to. Besides being awesome and fighting crime, he’s lonely. He doesn’t have a family besides Alfred. See what I thought about the movie above.

Nov 30

Billy Dee Williams will FINALLY Play Two-Face in LEGO Batman

Billy Dee Williams will FINALLY Play Two-Face… by filmjunkee Billy Dee Williams will finally┬áplay Two-Face…or at least voice Two-Face. Yes, Williams is set to voice Two-Face in the LEGO Batman movie. In 1989, the Tim Burton Batman movie wowed all and Williams of course played Harvey Dent. Now instead of bringing him back for Batman …

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Mar 22

LEGO Batman Movie Gets Official Poster and Images!

LEGO Batman Movie Gets Official Poster and Images! by filmjunkee The LEGO Batman movie will be upon us next year, and we have the first official poster and images. The first trailer is also supposed to debut tomorrow, so if LEGO Batman with Will Arnett’s voice was your favorite thing about The LEGO Movie, you’re …

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Jan 26

Official Batman v Superman LEGO Poster Released

Official Batman v Superman LEGO Post Released by filmjunkee We’ve seen the boxes for the Batman v Superman LEGO set, and now we get the official poster. It’s pretty epic looking, and yes, that Lex Luthor helicopter shows up once again but I don’t think it will be in the movie. They needed something for …

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Oct 16

Batman v Superman LEGO Set Reveals Special Weapon for Batman

Batman v Superman LEGO Set Reveals Special… by filmjunkee Batman doesn’t use guns! He does when going up against the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman. LEGO will be releasing a new Batman v Superman set that I want badly, but as you can see from the image, Batman is holding a gun and …

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Feb 13

Watch these Hilarious Bloopers from The LEGO Movie


The LEGO movie was a huge hit over its opening weekend, and if you saw it, you know why. Funny jokes, ridiculous LEGO action, and just characters we all love to see. Well the filmmakers of the box office smash have another treat for us. Today they released bloopers from the movie that will surely …

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Dec 19

Batman Vs. Superman Movie Summed Up in LEGO Form [Video]


When you think Batman and Superman, you think, “World’s Finest”. When you think Batman VS. Superman, you think, “death of Batman”. Obviously the Man of Steel has a slight advantage when taking on The Dark Knight, but we all know how crafty Batman can be. The duel has been told time and time again throughout …

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