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Dec 31

Batman v Superman Merchandise Galore from Merchoid

Batman v Superman Merchandise Galore from Merchoid by filmjunkeeMerchoid decided to ring in the New Year by showing off that Batman v Superman merchandise we got a hint of a couple months ago. I want that Batman costume shirt. Or I should get it for Casual Batman. ORDER HERE

Dec 17

New Lex Luthor Image and DCEU Easter Egg Filled Image Released

What does Lex Luthor have to say to Wired.com? Go check it out. he talks a little Batman and Superman. A new image was also released, which shows us the young entrepreneur. There is also a an image chalk full of DCEU Easter Eggs that you should really look at. Check out the Interview HERE.

Oct 18

Is THIS the Big Villain in Batman v Superman?!

Is THIS the Big Villain in Batman v Superman?! by filmjunkee It’s been an interesting weekend my friends. First, a guy who worked on the visual effects for Batman v Superman Instagrammed that they were done, and then spilled the beans that Doomsday is not in the flick. This got the internet scratching their heads, …

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Oct 10

Batman v Superman Marketing Promotes LEX/OS and new LexCorp Website

Batman v Superman Marketing Promotes LEX/OS and… by filmjunkee I’m loving the marketing for Batman v Superman. It’s fun. It’s fun for the fans. It’s fun for the marketing team. Those guys are creative, and they launched a LexCorp website a few days ago that definitely gives us that Facebook/Google like feel for the company. …

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Aug 13

New Batman v Superman Plot Details Involve Kryptonite!


Some more plot details have surfaced for that silly little movie we are desperately looking forward to, Batman v Superman, today, and they sound oh so lovely. This comes from GeekTyrant who had an extra from the recent shoot of the movie talk to them about certain scenes they shot. Here is what they had …

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Jun 22

First Batman v. Superman Clip to Show at Comic Con?! LexCorp Helicopter Spotted!


Okay. Had a little complication with the original Film Junkee episode I uploaded today, so it has been re-recorded and it is here for your enjoyment. A pretty tasty Batman v. Superman rumor came around today that I hope is true. ¬†Another set photo has surfaced showing us the LexCorp helicopter. Can’t get enough news …

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Jun 10

More Batman v. Superman Set Photos! Dumb and Dumber To Trailer has Arrived!


Who wants more Batman v. Superman set photos?! Okay..so these aren’t the set photos you want. You want some Eisenberg. Some Affleck. Some Cavill. All we have is trucks today, and another look at the front of LexCorp. There is also news about Bryan Singer, and how he might not direct X-Men: Apocalypse. Time will …

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Jun 09

New Batman v. Superman Set Photo Shows Superman Statue


Today some of us thought that maybe Warner Bros. and DC were going to unveil something that had to do with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I don’t know why some of us were, but sadly no there was nothing. The big secret Warner Bros. was keeping, is a new Batman exhibit celebrating 75 …

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Jun 08

LexCorp Spotted and Superman Body Mold Explained


Last week, we heard that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was going to be shooting some LexCorp scenes this week, and it looks like that info is true. As you can see the building above: that is LexCorp. The building was spotted by uofmuscle.com, who stated that construction has finished on the building and …

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Jun 07

LexCorp Scenes Being Shot for Batman v. Superman! Arnold Spotted as Terminator!

Happy Saturday folks. TIme to ¬†let you know what is going on in movie world. Normally I do a regular Film Junkee episode on Saturday, but I just did another quick fix video for reasons that I explain in the video. Scenes from LexCorp are rumored to be shot next for Batman v. Superman, and …

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