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May 08

Power Rangers Rebooted Franchise Coming to the Big-Screen


Go Go…Power Rangers? The 10 year-old me got excited yesterday when this news was announced, but the present day me is thinking, “Hollywood really is going to reboot everything, aren’t they?” Lionsgate is teaming with┬áSaban Brands to bring the Power Rangers back to the big-screen in hopes for a brand-new franchise. Now, like I said, …

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Nov 05

Lionsgate Wants Jigsaw to Return for Saw VIII


Here is something I was not expecting, but it really does not surprise me. Seems that Lionsgate is currently in development for a brand new Saw sequel. The movie that paved the way for low-budget horror romps will reach to its 8th installment. There was a rumor that Lionsgate was looking to just reboot the …

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