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Nov 04

New Avengers 4 Set Images Hint at Possible Time Travel [SPOILERS]

New Avengers 4 set images gives us a hint that they might be time traveling to the first Avengers movie. Tony is wearing the Black Sabbath shirt. Thor has his long hair back. And Loki is wearing his costume from the first movie. Or it could be some kind of flashback. đź“· tonybannerblog: A smile …

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Mar 08

First Look at Thor Ragnarok Brings Pretty Colors from Entertainment Weekly

First Look at Thor Ragnarok Brings Pretty… by filmjunkee Entertainment Weekly gives u our first look at Thor Ragnarok and wow are there a lot of colors. It makes sense given they’re out in the cosmos. Thor is sporting a new haircut in the third Thor, which was rumored to be the case last year. …

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Aug 27

Loki in New Costume and Mystery Character Spotted on Thor Ragnarok Set

Loki in New Costume and Mystery Character… by filmjunkee More set photos have surfaced form the Thor Ragnarok set, this time showing Thor and Loki wearing their Asgardian attire. Loki seems to be wearing a new style of his costume, while Thor is rocking some nice pants. A mystery character was also spotted on set, …

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Aug 23

More Thor Ragnarok Set Photos Show Anthony Hopkins as a Different Odin

More Thor Ragnarok Set Photos Show Anthony… by filmjunkeeMore Thor Ragnarok images have surfaced this time giving us a look and Anthony Hopkin’s Odin. As you can see, Odin is rocking some bum attire, and it’s speculated that Odin is roaming the Earth claiming the end is near. We saw at the end of Thor …

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Aug 22

Another Marvel Hero Confirmed to Appear in Thor Ragnarok?

Doctor Strange Confirmed to Appear in Thor… by filmjunkee SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Thor Ragnarok set photos have surfaced showing Thor and Loki walking around New York City…or Brisbane, Queensland acting as New York. What is interesting about these set images is the card with an address Thor is holding. The address is 177A Bleecker Street which is headdress …

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Aug 21

Thor Ragnarok Set Videos and Photos Take Thor and Loki to New York

Thor Ragarok Set Videos and Photos Take Thor… by filmjunkee Looks like Thor Ragnarok will have some important scenes in New York City as Thor and Loki take to the streets in hew set videos and photos. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston don regular Earth clothes as they shoot scenes in the Big Apple. They …

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Oct 05

Tom Hiddleston Explains Loki Being Cut from Avengers 2 and it’s Dumb

Tom Hiddleston Explains Loki Being Cut from… by filmjunkee Tom Hiddleston had a little cameo in Avengers Age of Ultron, but sadly he was cut before the movie was released. Hiddleston answered the question on why that was while promoting his new movie, Crimson Peak. You can hear it down below but allow me to …

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Nov 03

Loki in Avengers 2! Cable Confirmed in Deadpool Movie?!


Nov 10

Thor Dominates the Box Office with His Hammer [Box Office]


Not that it is shocking to anyone, but Thor: The Dark World completely dominated the box office over the weekend, with an $86.1 million return. Many predicted it would get $95 million, but settling at $86.1 is not bad at all for the Demigod. Considering it already has earned $180.1 million internationally, another 86 mil …

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Nov 08

Thor: The Dark World – Film Review


Thor: The Dark World brings us back to Asgard, and to see what our hammer swinging Avenger is up to. The movie sets two years after the first movie, and Thor has been busy cleaning up Loki’s mess he caused in The Avengers. Wars have started in other realms, and Thor and his army have …

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