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Oct 06

George Miller Talks Mad Max Sequels and Warner Bros. Meetings

George Miller Talks Mad Max Sequels and Warner… by filmjunkee Still think George Miller is going to direct Man of Steel 2? Well as much as I would love to give you that confirmed news, the quotes on this post take that idea even further away from being true. Miller discussed spoke with Top Gear …

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Oct 01

George Miller Says He’s Not Directing Man of Steel 2 [VIDEO]

George Miller Says He's Not Directing Man of… by filmjunkee Is George Miller directing Man of Steel 2? According to legend himself…no. The video below has George Miller denying any involvement in Man of Steel 2, and he actually stats that he wants to direct a way smaller movie before tackling Mad Max 2. It …

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May 18

Mad Max Fury Road – Film Review

May 14

Mad Max Fury Road is Blowing Critics Minds! – Weekend Warrior

Jul 28

Check Out the New Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer from Comic Con!

Mad Max: Fury Road (or Mad Max 4 as some are calling it) sees that post-apocalyptic future character getting a refresh, which would probably make die hard fans of the original franchise cringe a little bit. Allow me to change the minds of those who are cringing. The Comic Con trailer they debuted on Friday …

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Nov 21

Mad Max: Fury Road Gets its Release Date


Mad Max: Fury Road is currently in production, and you would think that since that’s the case, we will see a 2014 release. Of course we won’t. Especially since 2015 seems to be the year of the sequel, and every week we’ve been hearing about more movies being released during that year. Well Warner Bros. …

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