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Oct 21

Is Martian Manhunter Already in the DCEU? Sadly No…

Is Martian Manhunter Already in the DCEU? Sadly… by filmjunkee If only it were true. This theory about Martian Manhunter already having a presence in the DCEU showed up a bit ago, but it started circulating once again in the past week. The theory is that Harry Lennix who plays General Swanwick is actually the …

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May 31

Justice League Mortal Concept Art Emerge from George Miller’s Vision!

Dec 11

Batman Vs. Superman Casting Rumors and Wonder Woman Reactions! Godzilla 2014 is Here!


Welcome film friends! Time for that video portion of your weekly news. Lots of news coming out of the Batman Vs. Superman world. Amy Adams reacts to Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa in talks to play a role. It is never ending when it comes to rumors that is for sure. Batman Vs. Superman is almost …

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Dec 10

Jason Momoa in Talks for Batman Vs. Superman?


Now that we got our Wonder Woman taken care, time to start casting for more characters in Batman Vs. Superman. Seems that Conan the Barbarian star, Jason Momoa, is reportedly in talks for a role in the superhero blowout, and some are thinking its for a villain role, and some are thinking another superhero. The …

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Oct 07

Read the Scrapped ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Movie’s Screenplay! [FULL CAST LISTED]


If you guys follow my YouTube channel, you will remember a video a did a couple months ago about the scrapped Justice League movie that never was. Yes, back in 2010-2011, pre-production went underway for a Justice League movie, fully cast, and with a final draft screenplay. The screenplay was written by George Miller back …

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