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Sep 23

Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb Talks Not Finishing the Story and Sinister Six

It seemed like a win, win. The director announced for the first reboot of Spider-Man was named Marc WEBB. Poetic indeed, but sadly after two movies, Sony pulled the plug on plans for the character and sent Spidey home to Marvel. Webb doesn’t have any regrets though. I’m sure he had some battles with Sony …

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Sep 21

Jon Watts Reveals Spider-Man’s Age in MCU and Uncle Ben’s Fate

Don’t die Uncle Ben! We have already seen Uncle Ben get offed twice in this century, so are going to see it again in Jon Watt’s Spider-Man reboot? According to the director…nope. He recently talked to Empire Online and shined some light on Uncle Ben and Peter Parker’s age. There are only so many times …

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Aug 08

Possible New Spider-Man Costume Design Revealed!

Possible New Spider-Man Costume Design Revealed! by filmjunkee Source: Comicbook.com

Jul 10

New Spider-Man Costume Teased by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada!

Jun 29

Spider-Man Reboot New Villains and John Hughes Vibe Discussed!

Apr 23

Spider-Man Actor Shortlist Revealed!

Mar 03

Spider-Man Confirmed for Captain America Civil War After New Deal?

Dec 12

More Spider-Man/Avengers News! Andrew Garfield OUT!