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Apr 26

Disney Releases Huge Movie Release Date Slate Including Star Wars 9 and Indiana Jones 5

Disney Releases Huge Movie Release Date… by filmjunkee Yesterday, Disney decided to let us know they have secured quite a few dates for the next three years for their movies. The big ones being Star Wars 9, Indiana Jones 5, and Frozen 2, but look at all those dates down there. I say bring it, …

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Jul 23

Marvel Releases New Movie Logos, Casting News, and Footage!

Marvel Releases New Movie Logos, Casting News… by filmjunkee Marvel Studios brought the goods for their panel today at Comic Con, and footage was shown, but we won’t be able to see it. What they did show everyone is the new logos for Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Thor Ragnarok, and Captain …

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Jun 25

The Fox and Marvel Studios Crossover Rumor is Back

The Fox and Marvel Studios Crossover Rumor is Back by filmjunkee The rumor that every nerd boy wants is back. The idea of having the X-Men in an Avengers movie will make anyone of us swoon and Matt Key decided to do some talking about it on Collider Heroes. I’ve heard from a few of …

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Oct 15

Fantastic Four Movie Rights Heading Back to Marvel?!

Our wishes may have been granted to us, gang. according to Den of Geek, the Fantastic Four movie rights are heading back to Marvel Studios in exchange for Fox being able to develop two new TV shows under Marvel Properties. Those shows are Hellfire and Legion, that base themselves in the X-Men world. This now …

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Oct 08

Marvel Announces Ant-Man 2 Date and Three Untitled Dates

Marvel Announces Ant-Man 2 Date and Three… by filmjunkee Marvel felt a little left out after the delicious treats that came out of the DC world from the New York Comic Con. They announced the release date for Ant-Man 2, as well as new dates for Captain Marvel and Black Panther. The big question mark …

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Sep 09

Marvel to Release Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook Series

Marvel to Release a Marvel Cinematic Universe… by filmjunkee Marvel is about to give us something fantastic. A new series of books will be coming out that are called the MCU Guidebook Series. In these books, Marvel will give us little facts about each Marvel Studios movie, as well as compare them to the comics. …

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Aug 31

Andrew Garfield Discusses More Feelings About His Spider-Man Movies

Andrew Garfield Discusses More Feelings About… by filmjunkee While at a press junket for his new movie 99 Homes, Andrew Garfield talked a little more about his Spider-Man movies, and how he wanted them at Marvel and couldn’t single handedly save the movies himself. We have your back Andrew. We know Sony had a lot …

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Feb 05

Spider-Man Sony and Marvel Studios Negotiations Reexamined?

Dec 12

More Spider-Man/Avengers News! Andrew Garfield OUT!

Jul 23

Robert Downey Jr. Looking Towards Iron Man 4

Last year, we got word that Robert Downey Jr. might be hanging up his iron suit, at least for any Iron Man standalone movies. He was the last one to sign on for Avengers 2 and 3, and after that news broke, we wondered if Iron Man 4 was going to happen. It didn’t seem …

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