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Feb 18

The Great Wall – Film Review

The Great Wall sees Matt Damon as an expert archer here to save the day from beast creature things. You know this isn’t good. Still check out my review above.

Jul 30

Jason Bourne – Film Review

Jason Bourne is back, and he’s slightly pissed off. matt Damon reprises one of his most famous roles which is great for fans given The Bourne Legacy wasn’t anyone’s favorite. Check out my video review above that I shot at my desk with my webcam. I was a little lazy today.

Oct 04

The Martian – Film Review

The Martian Stars Matt Damon and a cast of well-knowns that I am not going to list because I’m lazy. Directed by Ridley Scott, and it’s based off a best-selling novel that sees an astronaut stranded on the Red Planet and he must use his smarts to survive while NASA works up a plan to …

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Sep 15

Matt Damon Explains Why Ben Affleck is Batman!

Matt Damon Explains Why Ben Affleck is Batman! by filmjunkeeThe Batfleck haters are getting few and far between as we creep closer to the release of Batman v Superman, and when EW did an issue about the superhero romp, there was mentio from Ben Affleck about getting the role as Batman. He mentions how he …

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Feb 08

Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne Character Details Leak?! No Independence Day 2 for Will Smith!

Happy Saturday film nerds. Time to talk a little movies. Some supposed Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne character details have been leaked out. Sounds pretty good to me. The there is some news coming out of the Marvel Avengers world which is pretty exciting. Enjoy the show! Movie News Possible Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne …

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Feb 05

Matt Damon Talks About the Batsuit and Batman Vs. Superman Storyline [Video]


Ben Affleck’s good directing buddy, Kevin Smith, has seen the batsuit. He creamed in his nerd shorts. Mrs. Affleck herself, Jennifer Garner, has seen the batsuit. She may want some alone time with him in it. But what about Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon? Who has not only known the guy for 30+ years, but …

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Nov 22

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Bring Another DC Comics Character to the Big Screen


While Ben Affleck prepares for his role as the Dark Knight in Batman Vs. Superman, he and his buddy Matt Damon want to bring another not so known DC character to the big screen. Mattfleck wants to bring the dark character, Sleeper, to the big screen in hopes to expand the DC universe. Sleeper is …

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