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Mar 18

The Matrix “Reboot” is Not an Actual Reboot but a Universe Expansion

The Matrix "Reboot" is Not an Actual Reboot but… by filmjunkee You can dry those tears, guys. The Matrix reboot we all griped about is to an actual reboot. What I mean is that writer Zak Penn doesn’t think The Matrix could or should be rebooted. Instead he wants to expand The Matrix universe and …

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Mar 14

A Matrix Reboot Reportedly in Development at Warner Bros.

A Matrix Reboot Reportedly in Development at… by filmjunkee Say it ain’t so, Warner Bros. It’s been reported that a Matrix reboot (no pun intended) is in development over at Warner Bros. Michael B. Jordan is also being eyed to star already. Now, if it’s a straight reboot, it’s a bad idea. If they plan …

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May 13

Fantastic Four 2 Could Only Happen if this Was Added

Fantastic Four 2 Could Only Happen if this Was… by filmjunkee Simon Kinberg who plays executive producer to Fox Marvel movies and has done some writing as well, came out to tell everyone that yes, they cheesed the Fantastic Four reboot, but he feels a sequel could still happen. That’s right. He even wants the …

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May 13

Black Panther Adds Michael B. Jordan to Cast and Marvel Feels the Guilt

Black Panther Adds Michael B. Jordan to Cast… by filmjunkee Michael B. Jordan has been added to the cast of Black Panther but his role has not been verified. Speculation suggests a villain role which I think would be great to see. I guess after Simon Kinberg mentioned that he thinks a Fantastic Four sequel …

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Aug 07

Fantastic Four – Film Review

Feb 25

Ben Affleck Batsuit Reveal Delayed!! Guardians of the Galaxy Madness!


Let’s talk some movies guys. Yes sadly, the Ben Affleck batsuit has been delayed for us to see it in all its glory, but we must be patient even though I want to weep. Lots of Guardians of the Galaxy stuff happened last week. The buzz around this movie has heightened, and I am hoping …

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Feb 22

Michael B. Jordan Talks Fantastic Four Reboot Backlash [Video]


Glad to see some of the backlash has been lifted off of Batman Vs. Superman. With the Fantastic Four reboot cast being announced, all of us kind of scratched our heads at the acting choices. I think Kate Mara cast as Sue Storm was the only one that felt right, and the biggest question mark …

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Feb 21

Batman Vs. Superman Casting for Cyborg?


Looks like there might be a cameo of yet another superhero in the Batman Vs. Superman world. Latino Review got their sources telling them that Zack Snyder and crew are looking for a black actor in his early 20s who is physically fit. The role would be a small one in Batman Vs. Superman, but …

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Feb 19

Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Announced!


Okay guys. After you have found who is playing all the characters you will probably agree with me that the Batman Vs. Superman is no longer the weirdest casting. The casting of the Fantastic Four reboot has been cast, so here we go. Miles Teller as Reed Richards( Mr. Fantastic) Kate Mara as Sue Storm …

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Feb 07

No Independence Day 2 for Will Smith


When Independence Day 2 was officially announced, two out of the three main stars signed on to return. Those two were of course Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith returning for the long awaited sequel was still up on the air. Since Mr. Smith was still not confirming that he will return for …

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