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Jan 18

xXx: Return of Zander Cage is Currently Winning Over Critics – Weekend Warrior

Here’s a surprise. Critics are digging the their XxX sequel with Vin Diesel returning. Now, there are only 9 reviews currently, so most likely this will change, ┬ábut these critics are digging the mindless fun this movie has to offer. All of the other movies coming out this weekend are fresh and it’s January. Cool.

Dec 24

Batsuit Prototype from Tim Burton’s Batman 3!


Dec 12

Batman and JL Alternate Movie Posters! Michael Keaton Specifies that HE is Batman!

Nov 30

Birdman – Film Review


Jun 12

Michael Keaton Becomes a Superhero Again in New Birdman Trailer

Who is your favorite on-screen Batman? Undoubtedly, a lot of you will say Michael Keaton, and I will agree with you that he was a rockin’ Batman. Well Michael Keaton will return to playing a masked vigilante in Birdman, but it isn’t quite that kind of superhero story that we are used to. Michael Keaton …

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Feb 07

Batman Vs. Superman Producer Talks About Ben Affleck Casting


Backlash. Something that plagues the internet movie world when our childhood heroes get skin and bones on the big screen. But backlash has been around long before information could be received instantly, and I would say the first little backlash of a superhero cast was Michael Keaton in the original 1989 Tim Burton Batman. I …

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Nov 18

Second Need For Speed Trailer Hits the Net!


Need For Speed is the sequel to Breaking Bad where we continue on with the story of Jesse Pinkman as he gets behind the wheel with extensive road rage. That would be something, huh? Driving around in a fast car yelling BITCH at everyone. All jokes aside, the new Need For Speed trailer has landed, …

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Nov 07

Second RoboCop Trailer is Here!


The second RoboCop trailer has landed, and it is ready for you to gawk at. In this trailer we get a little bit more of where they are taking the story in this remake, with a rousing speech from Sam Jackson asking people why we have not used robotic to protect the streets of America. …

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Nov 05

More Robocop Character Posters Come Out and Preview to New Trailer


Yesterday, new character posters from Robocop, as well as numerous productions stills, hit the movie’s official Facebook page, in wake of the second full trailer to the remake., Today, we get a couple more character posters, as well as a preview to the next trailer that will land in two days. This time we get …

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