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Mar 22

Michael Shannon is the Frontrunner to Play Cable in Deadpool 2

Michael Shannon is the Frontrunner to Play… by filmjunkee According to the Hollywood Reporter, Michael Shannon is now the frontrunner to play Cable in Deadpool 2. This is probably the best casting rumor I’ve heard in a while, and who thought Shannon for Cable? I think he’s perfect for the role. He would be the …

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Sep 28

Michael Shannon Continues to Deny Flippers for Batman v Superman

Michael Shannon probably didn’t think his little flipper joke would go this far. The internet went into a frenzy when Shannon mentioned that he was on the set of Batman v Superman and couldn’t get out of the bathroom due to having flippers on his hands. He then confirmed that he was joking given the …

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Sep 10

Michael Shannon Continues Flippergate Discussion and Talks about Batman and Zod

Michael Shannon Continues Flippergate… by filmjunkee Michael Shannon continues to talks about the whole “flippergate” joke, this time with Larry King. It confirms it was all just a joke once again, but then he talks more about General Zod in Batman v Superman. Check out the video below, and let me know how you think …

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Aug 31

Michael Shannon CONFIRMS Doomsday while Debunking Flipper Hands?!

Michael Shannon CONFIRMS Doomsday while… by filmjunkee Michael Shannon blew up the internet when claiming he was wearing flipper hands on the set of Batman v Superman. Everyone started speculating on what he meant when explaining he couldn’t open a bathroom door due to the flipper hands. We can now put that to rest because …

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