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Mar 18

The Matrix “Reboot” is Not an Actual Reboot but a Universe Expansion

The Matrix "Reboot" is Not an Actual Reboot but… by filmjunkee You can dry those tears, guys. The Matrix reboot we all griped about is to an actual reboot. What I mean is that writer Zak Penn doesn’t think The Matrix could or should be rebooted. Instead he wants to expand The Matrix universe and …

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Mar 14

A Matrix Reboot Reportedly in Development at Warner Bros.

A Matrix Reboot Reportedly in Development at… by filmjunkee Say it ain’t so, Warner Bros. It’s been reported that a Matrix reboot (no pun intended) is in development over at Warner Bros. Michael B. Jordan is also being eyed to star already. Now, if it’s a straight reboot, it’s a bad idea. If they plan …

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Jan 29

Lawrence Fishbourne Returns as Morpheus in New Super Bowl Ad


The Matrix has got to be one of my favorite all-time trilogies because it expanded our minds and it just had really great action sequences. Even though we probably won’t see Keanu and the gang defy the law of gravity anymore, Lawrence Fishbourne is coming back as Morpheus. Only this time for a minute and …

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