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Dec 12

Early Justice League Pieces of Concept Art of the Nightcrawler are Beautiful

We have new Justice League concept art that shows us early drawings of Parademons and the Flying Fox. These drawings are from Joshua Viers, and these beautiful. Batman is there too.

May 17

X-Men Apocalypse Gets 80’s Album Covers

X-Men Apocalypse Gets 80's Album Covers by filmjunkee X-Men Apocalypse is almost here and they continue to market with that 870’s flash. They just released various album covers for the different mutants, and they also had some vintage video game covers they released that I am just finding. Have fun.

Apr 07

X-Men Apocalypse Gets New Character Posters

X-Men Apocalypse Gets New Character Posters by filmjunkee New X-Men Apocalypse character posters have been released. I must say, it seems like people aren’t as excited for this movie due to all the other comic book movies we are getting. Let’s hope it’s still good.

Dec 15

X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Review

Took a bit, but I finally have my review of the X-Men Apocalypse trailer. Not really much to say but enjoy yourself.

Apr 27

Nightcrawler from X-Men Apocalypse Revealed! First Set Photos Surface!

Oct 31

Nightcrawler – Film Review