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Mar 03

Logan – Film Review

Logan sees the end of an era as Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart end their 17 year run as Wolverine and Professor X. Logan is one of memos anticipated films of 2017 so check out my review above. Spoiler-Free of course.

Jan 15

Three New Logan Character Images Released and Official Synopsis

Three New Logan Character Images Released and… by filmjunkee James Mangold released three character images from Logan of the leads and I tell ya…I’m going to be in tears when Professor X goes. Or at least choked up. The official synopsis Logan was also released a couple days ago, so prepare yourself for the second …

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Nov 25

New Logan Image is Kind of Heartbreaking

New Logan Image is Kind of Heartbreaking by filmjunkee A new image from Logan has surfaced from Empire Magazine and it’s rather heartbreaking.I mean we know this movie is going to stab us in the hearts with wolverine claws with emotion, but do they have to keep showing us this old Professor X? Sure they …

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Oct 06

Professor X Looks Haggard in New Logan Image

Professor X Looks Haggard in New Logan Image by filmjunkee Yesterday we learned many details about Wolverine 3, now titled “Logan”. We were given story details and a new poster that showed that this film might be like no other X-Men film we have seen before. Today we get our first official look at Patrick …

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Jun 10

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman Show Up in Wolverine 3 Set Photos

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman Show Up in… by filmjunkee Patrick Stewart is back as Professor Xavier in Wolverine 3 and he is seen in the latest set photos from the set. He’s looking like he’s not in the best shape as Logan pushes him in his wheelchair. Hugh Jackman of course is looking very …

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Sep 25

Wolverine 3 to Bring a Father/Son Element to Logan and Professor Xavier

With Hugh Jackman getting one more time at Wolverine, Patrick Stewart will likely end his Professor Xavier reign. We’re all excited that Stewart will be included in Wolverine 3, and it seems that the story will explore a father/son relationship between X and Logan. This is all coming from Jackman himself, who really wants to …

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Aug 17

Hugh Jackman Teases Sabretooh and Beserker Rage for Wolverine 3! Patrick Stewart Confirmed!


Sydney Confidential: “When you tweeted about Wolverine 3 the other day, the response was huge!” Hugh Jackman: “Yeah, unbelievable.” SC: “Give me something about Wolverine, what’s happening? you bringing it back to Australia? The story..?” Jackman: “There were a lot of calls for Victor Creed to come back, there was… I must admit I was …

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Feb 11

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman Talk Wolverine 3 Team-Up!

May 26

Did the X-Men Open Better than the Other Superheroes? – Box Office

Happy Memorial Day friends, time to see how those movies did this weekend. No doubt, you knew that X-Men: Days of Future Past would dominate this weekend’s box office, but did it do better than the other superheroes, Spider-Man and Captain America, in it’s opening weekend. Technically no. $91.4 ┬áis what it made in the …

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May 23

Film Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past


It is finally here. X-Men: Days of Future Past is in our lives, and it sees the return of a lot of the characters we love, and the director that started it all, Bryan Singer. In this story, we arrive in a terrible future that is somewhat post-apocalyptic, and mutants are fighting to survive as …

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