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Dec 08

First Look at Scott Lang from Captain America Civil War!

So much was seen in that first Captain America Civil War, accepted for those superheros that are based on bugs. Yes, no Spider-Man which is fine, but where was Ant_man? The Civil War trailer at D23 had footage of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in the trailer, but that was removed from the trailer the …

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Nov 10

Ant-Man Costume Concept Art Released

What could have been. Concept art for the Ant-Man costume has been released drawn up by¬†Andy Park. Just two drawings that are pretty similar to what the actual Ant-man costume turned out to be. I like what we got, but any one of these would’ve been suitable.

Jul 21

Ant-Man Film Review

Ant-Man Film Review by filmjunkee

Jul 20

Is Ant-Man Considered a FLOP?!

Is Ant-Man Considered a FLOP?! by filmjunkee

Jul 16

Ant-Man Continues Marvel’s Critical Success while Trainwreck Dominates the Critics

Jul 07

New Scott Lang Ant-Man Viral Video Gives Us Origin and Marvel Easter Eggs!

Jul 01

Ant-Man Cast Encourages Tom Holland’s Spider-Man And Paul Rudd Farts!

Jun 24

9 New Ant-Man Character Posters Released Showing Ant-Man’s Size

Jun 12

New Ant-Man Posters Welcome Him into the Avengers!

Jun 03

Ant-Man Costume Gets a Close-Up Look and Pym Particles Explained!