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Nov 27

First Avengers Infinity War Trailer May Land Really Soon

The Russos Bros. may have dropped a huge hint on when we will finally see that Avengers Infinity War trailer by posting a happy looking “3” on their Instagram. This could mean we will get that trailer on Sunday, December 3rd, or the movie is 3 hours long. Nah, no way it would be. Expect …

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Apr 11

New Captain America Civil War Poster and Character Bios with Spider-Man Included

New Captain America Civil War Poster and… by filmjunkee New Captain America Civil War IMAX poster has been released online, and also a slew of behind the scenes images. We also have character bios from Civil War and this time they did not leave out Spider-Man. About time. Also down below you will find the …

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Apr 10

Star-Lord Confirmed for Avengers Infinity War?

Star-Lord Confirmed for Avengers infinity War? by filmjunkee The Captain America Civil War Press tour is in full effect, and the Russo Bros. chimed in about Avengers: Infinity War. They pretty much confirmed that Star-Lord will be making an appearance, but come on guys, it seems that every hero in the MCU will be in …

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Mar 17

Vision Wears a Suit in Captain America Civil War Footage

Vision Wears a Suit in Captain America Civil… by filmjunkee The Russo Bros. gave us a little behind the footage yesterday as they are working on sound mixing Captain America Civil War. You can see on the big screen in the editing bay room that the scene with Thunderbolt Ross is happening and you can …

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Jan 14

New Spider-Man Costume Hoodie Images?! Russos Talk Character Number in Infinity War

New Spider-Man Costume Hoodie Images?! Russo… by filmjunkee Merchoid teased the fact that they have a Spider-Man hoodie for their Captain America Civil War line, but they couldn’t show any of the images until January 15th. Images of said hoodie have been floating around the interwebs today, and it could very well be our first …

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Jan 10

Russo Bros. Tease Iconic Captain America Civil War Scene and Infinity War Characters

Russo Bros. Tease Icnonic Captain America Civil… by filmjunkee The Russo Bros. and some of the cast of Captain America Civil War attended Wizard World in New Orleans this weekend, and a teasing and discussing wen on. Frank Grillo (Crossbones) mentioned how he wants to kill Captain America, and Joe Russo responded with, “We may …

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Nov 26

The Russo Bros. Breakdown the Captain America Civil War Trailer

Still on that Captain America Civil War high? Now you can read the trailer broken down by the Russo Bros. Empire Online grabbed an interview with the duo, and you’ll want to watch that epic trailer about 57 more times. Instead of posting the entire interview here like I thought I was going to, just …

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