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May 16

The Flash Movie Director Frontrunners Include Zemeckis, Vaughn, and Raimi.

Flash Movie Director Frontrunners Include… by filmjunkee We’ve been waiting anxiously for the Flash movie director announcement, but we have been met with teases and nothing else. Robert Zemeckis was rumored to meet with Warner Bros., but we found he set his next movie somewhere else. Well now he’s back as frontrunner to direct the …

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May 31

Supposed Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4 Storyboards Featuring Vulture

Reddit is a place where wonders surface. Tonight we apparently have Spider-Man 4 storyboards from the Sam Raimi sequel we never got. Felicia Hardy, Mysterio, and Vulture are part of these storyboards, and Anne Hathaway was apparently set for playing Felicia aka Black Cat. Source: CosmicBookNews

Jul 25

New Ben Affleck Batman Image Gets Epic Photoshop! The Vision Teased in New Avengers 2 Poster!


Comic Con still rolls on my film friends, and some more goodies came out of today’s events. First off, we have a very epic Photoshop of the new Ben Affleck Batman image. I love it so much I made it my background. Justice league gets its head writer it looks like, and Ben Affleck is …

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Nov 06

Army Of Darkness 2 News is “Internet B.S.” According to Bruce Campbell


Well this is something many of us did not want to hear. Seems that Bruce Campbell is killing dreams everywhere when it comes to Army Of Darkness 2, saying that all the info we have gotten recently is all “internet B.S.” Here is what he had to say: It’s not news. Let me dispel that …

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Oct 28

Sam Raimi Confirmed to Direct Army Of Darkness 2


Couple weeks ago, Bruce Campbell answered the ultimate fanboy question; will there be an Army Of Darkness 2? He of course answered yes, in a typical Bruce Campbell fashion, and we all felt warm and fuzzy inside. Now we knew that Sam Raimi was writing a script for the sequel, but that did not mean …

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Oct 21

Bruce Campbell Confirms Army Of Darkness 2!


It is time to bust out that BOOMSTICK!. Army Of Darkness 2 has been finally confirmed by the man himself, Bruce Campbell, and fans of the cult classic are doing their happy dances. A few months ago when the Evil Dead remake was about to release, Campbell actually mentioned the plans for the Evil Dead …

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