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Mar 20

Cast and Directors of Captain America 2 Talk Batman Vs. Superman Showdown. Shots Fired! [Video]

Never did I ever think I would hate on the one and only Samuel L. Jackson, but guys…I am right now. The Batman Vs. Superman and Captain America 3 showdown is still the event two years in the making. That is plenty of time for one of these studios to back out of the May …

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Mar 06

Watch a 4-Minute Preview of Captain America 2!

Antsy for some more Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Felt like the first trailers weren’t enough? Marvel to the rescue. A 4-minute preview of the new sequel has hit the internet today, and it is…dare I say…Marvelous? The preview actually shows the beginning of a mission Captain America and the Black Widow go on, where …

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Mar 05

Scarlett Johansson is Pregnant! How it will Affect Avengers 2?

Scarlet Johansson is about to begin filming Avenger: Age of Ultron, but something might mess her schedule up slightly. Yes, the beautiful actress got knocked up gang, and the lucky man to do the knocking is her fiance┬áRomain Dauriac. Sources say the baby will be due sometime in August, so what does this mean for …

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Mar 05

Batman Vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Batsuit! More Matrix Movies Coming?

Hello film nerds. It is time to talk a little movies with yours truly. Today we got Zack Snyder talking Batman Vs. Superman casting and backlash. Love the words he had to say to all the haters. More Matrix movies might be hitting the big screen which really tickles my movie bone. Really want to …

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Feb 15

Ben Affleck Batsuit to be Revealed Next Week?! Black Widow Standalone Movie in the Works!


Happy Saturday Film friends. Let’s talk some movies. We’re hoping that that Ben Affleck batsuit is going to show its prettiness in the next, which you know I will be on top of. Keep the site in your bookmarks, or follow me on an of those social media machines and keep a lookout. Enjoy the …

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Feb 14

Black Widow Standalone Movie Just Might Happen

When it comes to team members of The Avengers, the four major players are the ones that are going to drive the universe forward. When it comes to the not so popular players (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury) you can’t really see them getting their own movie. This might not be the case with Scarlett …

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Feb 11

Check Out the New Freaky Trailer to Under the Skin Starring Scarlett Johansson


A new full-length trailer for the thriller Under the Skin has surfaced, as well as a new poster for the movie. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien seductress who preys on hitchhikers in Scotland. The trailer is very eerie, but that is exactly what is appealing to me. This movie comes from writer/director …

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Feb 01

Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Revealed!


Happy Saturday film geeks. TIme for that video portion of the Film Junkee. Lots of us are still in awe about the Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor casting, but let’s see how the man pulls it off. The Turtles are looking pretty spiffy as well, so that instills hope in myself. Enjoy the show! Movie News …

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Jan 30

Three New Captain America: The Winter Soldier Character Posters Get Released

Three brand-new character posters from Captain America: The Winter Soldier have just been released, as well as ┬ásome behind the scenes production stills. A new TV spot will premiere during Super Bowl Sunday, so these new images can start getting you excited for that. There has also been word that directors Anthony and Joe Russo …

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Jan 18

Scarlett Johansson Talks Avengers 2! Second Villain Cast!


Time for some more video news Film Junkees. Yes, we already know the biggest news was the fact that Batman Vs. Superman was delyaed another year, which broke the hearts of many of us Bat-fanatics. I don’t talk about it in this video simply because i shot it yesterday before the news dropped. I did …

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