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Jul 16

First Image from Skull Island and Concept Art for Blade Runner 2 Released

First Image from Skull Island and Concept Art… by filmjunkee Entertainment Weekly reveals our first image from Kong: Skull Island that shows us Tom Hiddleston and Aliison Brie standing in front of a very large skull in the dirt. We know that King Kong is going to be a lot bigger in this new movie …

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Oct 15

King Kong and Godzilla Released Dates Set by Warner Bros.

Ready for a monstrous trilogy that ends with the ultimate battle? Warner Bros. has officially announced the release dates for Skull Island, Godzilla 2, and Godzilla Vs. King Kong. Sadly it won’t be until 2020 until we see the two duke it out, but there’s plenty of awesome in between, Skull Island:¬†¬†March 10, 2017 Godzilla …

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Sep 16

Godzilla Vs. King Kong will Find the Right Size for King Kong

Does size matter? In the case of Godzilla Vs. King Kong, absolutely. Legendary and Warner Bros. will have to figure out just how King Kong will take on Godzilla given their size differences. King Kong may be big, but he could still be easily stomped by the Zilla. Here is what they have to say …

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Sep 11

Godzilla Vs. King Kong Coming from Warner Bros?!

Godzilla Vs. King Kong Coming from Warner Bros?! by filmjunkee As we wait patiently for Godzilla 2 and the origin of King Kong, Skull Island, Legendary Pictures is moving Skull Island from Universal back to Warner Bros. so that they can eventually release a Godzilla Vs. King Kong movie. Smart, and I’m completely on board …

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