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Jan 30

Ben Affleck Not Directing The Batman Anymore but Still Committed

Ben Affleck Not Directing The Batman Anymore… by filmjunkee I knew something was going to happen. Honestly, I feared the worst when Live By Night flopped at the box office. Ben Affleck will not direct the solo Batman movie. Nothing to freak out about. He is finding a director to collaborate with so the pressure …

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Dec 14

Ben Affleck Says the Batman Movie is on Track and INDICATES Production Starting in Spring

Ben Affleck Says the Batman Movie is on Track… by filmjunkee Variety has started a massive wave using the word “indicate” when talking to Ben Affleck at an event where he mainly talked about his new movie, Live By Night. The Batman movie of course got brought up, and according to Variety, Affleck indicated that …

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Dec 05

Joe Manganiello Says Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Begins Filming THIS YEAR?!

Joe Manganiello Says Ben Affleck's Batman… by filmjunkee Joe Manganiello loves to toy with our hearts. First, he tells us production for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie begins shooting this coming Spring. Then, we see him converse with Armie Hammer saying he will see him in a few days after Hammer says he has a big …

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Nov 19

Catwoman NOT in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie?

Catwoman NOT in Ben Affleck's Batman Movie? by filmjunkee With rumors that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman will have multiple villains due to partly taking place in Arkham Asylum, we figured fan favorite, Catwoman, would show up the party. According to Erik Davis’s tweet below, she is not currently going to be in the movie. Sienna …

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Nov 08

Joe Manganiello Talks Ben Affleck’s Gritty and Different Take on Batman

Joe Manganiello Talks Ben Affleck's Gritty and… by filmjunkee Joe Manganiello is bringing some much needed hype for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie as he gives praise after the rumor from Brett Easton Ellis saying the script is a mess. When I met Ben we sat down and we talked about, you know, the role. We …

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Nov 05

Brett Easton Ellis Regrets Starting the Batman Messy Script Rumor

Brett Easton Ellis Regrets Starting the Batman… by filmjunkee And there we go. Brett Easton Ellis didn’t realize the power of the internet and now regrets mentioning the messy script for the Batman movie to Ringer. He definitely regrets talking about it, or at least wishes he didn’t mention the title of the movie. The …

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Nov 04

Ben Affleck’s Batman Script IS A MESS! BECAUSE DCEU!

Ben Affleck's Batman Script IS A MESS! BECAUSE… by filmjunkee Here we go again. If it’s a DCEU movie, it’s a mess. New rumor has surfaced saying that Ben Affleck’s Batman script is a mess. And Warner Bros. execs DON’T CARE. This comes from American Psycho author,┬áBret Easton Ellis, who knows a guy that knows …

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Oct 31

Frank Miller Chimes in on The Batman Movie

Frank Miller Chimes in on The Batman Movie by filmjunkee Frank Miller gave his opinion on what he would like to see in the solo Batman movie. Frank Miller of course is the legendary comic book writer that brought us The Dark Knight Returns, and Batman: Year One. He was actually going to turn Year …

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Oct 27

Jeremy Irons Says the Batman Movie Begins Filming in the Summer

Jeremy Irons Says the Batman Movie Begins… by filmjunkee When is this Batman movie beginning production?! We have Ben Affleck saying there’s no set date because the script is still being work. We have Mr. Deathstroke, Joe Manganiello, saying production starts in Spring. Now we got Alfred, Jeremy Irons, saying something about Summer to Variety …

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Oct 24

Ben Affleck Talks Batman Pressure and Anna Kendrick Playing Batgirl

Ben Affleck Talks Batman Pressure and Anna… by filmjunkee Ben Affleck. Actor, producer, writer, and director. When it comes to all of the above, the man brings quality. Now he has the task of bringing his Batman to a whole other level. We heard from Joe Manganiello that the Batman movie will start production this …

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