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May 30

Spider-Man Homecoming Runtime Revealed

Spider-Man Homecoming Runtime Revealed by filmjunkee We have the official runtime for Spider-Man Homecoming and you can expect to be sitting in that seat for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Seems to be a perfect amount of time to see our new Spidey. This also includes credits and post-credit scenes.

May 22

New Spider-Man Promo Art Depicts Spider-Man Against Shocker

New Spider-Man Promo Art Depicts Spider-Man… by filmjunkee The final Spider-Man Homecoming trailer will land on the internet this Wednesday, but in the mean time you can enjoy new promo art and a motion poster…that shows Tom Holland tagging his logo. Well, not the best message to market, but the promo art is cool. Are …

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May 16

New Spider-Man Homecoming Cover Let’s Us Know that Peter is a Teenager

New Spider-Man Homecoming Cover Let's Us Know… by filmjunkee Empire Magazine has released the cover of their new issue and we get a new look at Spider-Man as the promote Spider-Man Homecoming. I must say, every poster type image they release, really emphasizes that peter is a teenager, and that he’s part of the MCU. …

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May 16

FIRST LOOK at the Tinkerer from Spider-Man Homecoming

FIRST LOOK at the Tinkerer from Spider-Man… by filmjunkee We have our first look at The Tinkerer for Spider-Man Homecoming. Michael Chernus plays the Spidey villain which they updated the look to fit the movie. The image comes from Empire Magazine where he’s featured next to Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

Apr 29

New Spider-Man Homecoming Image Shows Peter Holding it Together

New Spider-Man Homecoming Image Shows Peter… by filmjunkee Yahoo Movies dropped a new Spider-Man Homecoming image of an up close shot of Spidey holding the ship together. Sadly, we know how he gets out of this jam, but it’s still an awesome image.

Apr 22

New Spider-Man Homecoming Images Show Peter Parker Leaping Very High

New Spider-Man Homecoming Images Show Peter… by filmjunkee We have new images from Spider-man Homecoming coming from Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, and Empire Magazine. The Empire Magazine image has Peter Parker doing some Spidey leaping in broad daylight. Ditching school Peter?

Apr 04

Details on Spider-Man’s Suit Upgrades in Spider-Man Homecoming

Details on Spider-Man's Suit Upgrades in Spider… by filmjunkee Spider-Man is getting some nice little upgrades for Spider-Man Homecoming courtesy of Tony Stark. Not only is he getting a parachute, a heater, an airbag, the ability to light up, and a tracking device for Iron Man to find him, IGN had this to give us: He’s …

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Mar 24

Two New Spider-Man Homecoming Posters Surface and Get a Better Look at His First Costume

Two New Spider-Man Homecoming Posters Surface… by filmjunkee Two new Spider-Man Homecoming posters have surfaced. One showing the struggles of balancing teenage life and superhero life for Peter. That’s what I want to see the most in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Hot Toys also released images of Peter in his first costume before Tony Stark gave …

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Mar 22

New Spider-Man Homecoming Promo Image has Spidey Swinging into Action

New Spider-Man Homecoming Promo Image has… by filmjunkee A new promo image from

Feb 19

The Shocker from Spider-Man Homecoming Revealed in Toy Concept Art

The Shocker from Spider-Man Homecoming Revealed… by filmjunkee The Shocker has been somewhat revealed to us as he shows up in concept art for Spider-Man Homecoming toys. The Toy Fair is taking place right now so people are snapping pictures which makes us all happy. 3/4: New York Toy Fair 2017 was a blast! Thanks …

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