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Dec 28

Star Wars The Force Awakens had a Different Title

As we anxiously await the title for Star Wars Episode VIII, we have found out that Star Wars The Force Awakens had a different title for a bit. Shadow of the Empire was the original title for Episode VII, and I’m guessing why they didn’t go with that title was because there was a book …

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Dec 19

Star Wars The Force Awakens – Film Review

Star Wars The Force Awakens is finally here! I remember when the announced the release date for the movie it seemed like an eternity away. I checked it out at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood which was an experience of itself, but the movie…better experience.

Dec 05

Finn Gets Star Wars The Force Awakens Motion Poster and Poe Gets Official Poster

Two more weeks, guys. 2…more…weeks. Star Wars The Force Awakens is almost here, and this pot has a new motion poster for Finn, the first poster for Poe, and then the actors having some fun. It's calling to you. #TheForceAwakens https://t.co/TEo180PlCE — Star Wars (@starwars) December 4, 2015 .@Dutdutgreydut asks: What are you going to miss …

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Nov 24

Star Wars The Force Awakens Character Covers Hit Empire Magazine

Beautiful magazine covers from Empire Magazine landed today, showing us our characters for ,a href=”http://filmjunkee.com/tag/star-wars-7/”>Star Wars The Force Awakens. It seems like everyday we get more Star Wars goodies. I’m not complaining in the least, I’m just getting way too excited. Pants off!

Nov 23

Captain Phasma Image Released from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Counting down the days my friends. Star Wars The Force Awakens is almost here and it seems that everyday we get something new from that galaxy far, far away. Captain Phasma is on display  in this new image from Empire Online. Love the chrome Storm Trooper armor. Source: Empire Online

Nov 19

New Kylo Ren Image Released and Mark Hamill Talks Secrets for Star Wars 7

Empire Magazine has released a new image of Kylo Ren who is looking ready to mess someone up. Also you will find a video below that has Mark Hamill talking about the secrets of Star Wars 7. He can’t say anything about Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens, and don’t get excited about the mo …

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Nov 18

Fifth Star Wars The Force Awakens TV Spot Shows Finn’s Awesomeness

Another Star Wars The Force Awakens TV spot has landed and this is probably my favorite one. The TV spot focuses mainly on Finn, and there’s this awesome scene in the movie where he battles a Stormtrooper. Take you pants off and get excited. Andy Serkis on Supreme Leader Snoke: He is severely damaged. Although …

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Nov 16

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Character Constable Zuvio Revealed

Empire Magazine has introduced us to a new character from Star Wars The Force Awakens, and that character is Constable Zuvio. Zuvio is described as “vigilant law officer on a mostly lawless world [who] keeps order in a frontier trading post” and is “tough and humorless”. He certainly looks serious, and the head gear these three are …

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Nov 15

Four Star Wars The Force Awakens TV Spots Bring on More Footage

Star Wars The Force Awakens is about a month away, and the TV spots have been rolling. There are four TV spots you can look through if you haven’t already, and there isn’t much more footage you haven;t seen but it is there. Take two minutes of your life and check them all out. Remove …

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Nov 10

Is this Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars The Force Awakens?!