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Jan 02

New Justice League Concept Art and BTS Images Show Us What Could’ve Been

New Justice League concept art and behind the scenes shots have surfaced and it shows us more of what could’ve been. Batman handling some Parademon weaponry? Come on!!!

Aug 09

Up Close Look at a Steppenwolf Bust from Justice League

We have an up close look at Steppenwolf’s face from Justice League, brought to us by Brodie Perkins. He created the face of Steppenwolf for the Mattel Multiuniverse Justice League toys. So much evil. Quick headshot render of #steppenwolf who I sculpted as the build a figure (#baf) for Mattel's current #justiceleague multiverse wave. #mattel …

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Jul 18

Another Look at Steppenwolf from Justice League in Toy Form

We have another look at Steppenwolf in toy form in Justice League. This time in full battle mode, and it looks like his left hand is frozen. Superman’s breath?

Jul 10

Ciaran Hinds Talks Steppenwolf Costume and Mocap in Justice League

Ciaran Hinds did a little chatting at BBC’s Michael Ball Show, and talked about the Steppenwolf process in Justice League. He never wore a costume, silly. I’m sorry I’m not in costume. I didn’t even have a costume when I was doing it. It’s all done in motion capture. So… they stick a helmet on your head, they …

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Jul 09

FIRST LOOK at Steppenwolf in Toy Form for Justice League

We have our first look at Steppenwolf for the Justice League movie in toy form. He looks fatasntic, but don’t get too excited, as toys sometimes to fully represent what we will see on the big screen. Also so Justice League merch for movie theaters have shown up as well.

Apr 05

Ciaran Hinds Talks Steppenwolf’s Look and Role in Justice League

Ciaran Hinds Talks Steppenwolf's Look and Role… by filmjunkee Ciaran Hinds finally did some talking about playing Steppenwolf in Justice League to The Independent. He briefly talks about the look of the villain, as well as his role in the movie. Basically they’re going to construct something, digitally, and then they will use my eyes …

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