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Jan 19

No Gotham City Sirens Movie but Birds of Prey Instead?

Looks like The Wrap is raining on David Ayer’s parade. They’re suggesting that Gotham City Sirens isn’t happening after all but a Birds of Prey movie instead. Not a bad substitute, but I was hoping for that villainous trio that is Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. Suicide Squad 2 is definitely next for Harley …

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Sep 06

Jared Leto Confirms Joker and Harley Development. Little Confused by Joker Origin Movie.

Jared Leto was recently interviewed and naturally the interviewer asked him about what is going on over in the DC world with his Joker and the Joker origin movie. He’s slightly confused, but I’m glad to hear he still loves the character and is still game for it.

Sep 06

Suicide Squad 2 to be Written by Gavin O’Connor and Possibly Directed

Looks like Warner Bros. as brought on Gavin O’Connor (Warrior, The Accountant) to write up a script for Suicide Squad 2. According to Variety, O’Connor will write a script, then possibly direct the movie given the new is that he is in talks to take the directing chair. Good choice.

Aug 24

Jared Leto Still the Joker for Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens…or Joker and Harley?

We’ve questioned whether Jared Leto will come back to the play the Joker in future DCEU movies. We all want him in The Batman but so far, no mention on whether he will show up in Reeves’ movie. After it was reported that Scorsese and Phillips want to do a Joker origin movie not attached …

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Mar 15

Suicide Squad 2 Almost has a New Writer and Here is Some Advice

Suicide Squad 2 Almost has a New Writer and… by filmjunkee Suicide Squad 2 doesn’t have the director yet but they are close to getting a writer. According to THR,¬†Adam Cozad is close to getting that job. He recently penned The Legend of Tarzan, and in my video above I give some advice to what …

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Mar 06

Logan, R-rated Comicbook Movies, and Suicide Squad 2 – Film Junket Ep. 4

In this episode of the Film Junket Podcast, I talk more about Logan and how its success opens up more doors for R-rated comicbook movies. Suicide Squad 2 should for sure be considered to be rated R.

Dec 13

Deadshot Spin-Off Film in Development with Suicide Squad 2

Deadshot Spin-Off Film in Development with… by filmjunkee We’re getting a Gotham City Sirens movie, and now we’re getting a Deadshot spin-off movie. Been a big day in the Suicide Squad world as we also got word that Suicide Squad 2 is in active development. All this comes from The Hollywood Reporter, as they got …

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Apr 06

Wonder Woman Movie Gets New Release Date and Two Other DC Movies Get Dates

Wonder Woman Movie Gets New Release Date and… by filmjunkee Warner Bros. is doing a tiny bit of damage control today. Batman v Superman is by no means a flop, but you can’t help notice that the movie under performed. Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to be too worried about it though, but they plan to …

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Mar 02

Suicide Squad 2 Production Date Revealed?!

Suicide Squad 2 Production Date Revealed?! by filmjunkee Looks like Warner Bros. already has a planned production start date for Suicide Squad 2, and according to Variety, it will happen sometime next year in 2017 with David Ayer set to direct again. Ayer and Will Smith were just announced today to start production on a …

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