Suicide Squad Extended Cut – Film Review

The Suicide Squad Extended Cut has been released for download with 11 minutes of extra footage, but does that extra footage help the movie like it did Batman v Superman? Check out my review above to find out.

Suicide Squad – Spoiler Review

I did my spoiler-free reviews last Thursday, now it is time to review the movie in its whole. Saw Suicide Squad for the second time on Sunday so I can do a thorough job in this spoiler review. I probably Continue reading Suicide Squad – Spoiler Review

Suicide Squad – Film Review

Suicide Squad is here and the critics haven’t been too nice to this movie about bad guys. I don’t think that’s going to hurt the box office too much, but I’ve been looking forward to this movie since it was Continue reading Suicide Squad – Film Review

Possible First Suicide Squad Reactions from Early Screening

Possible First Suicide Squad Reactions from… by filmjunkee Apparently Warner Bros. held a test screening for Suicide Squad a couple days ago, and being that it is 2016 those lucky enough to attend the screening posted their reactions to it. Continue reading Possible First Suicide Squad Reactions from Early Screening