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Aug 07

Suicide Squad Hits Big at the Box Office

The negative reviews for Suicide Squad didn’t have any effect on the box office earnings as the villain based movie pulled in $135.1 million over the weekend. If that wasn’t enough it pulled in $267.1 million worldwide. It still doesn’t look like it will be opening in China, so hopefully the movie as legs. Suicide …

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Aug 06

Suicide Squad Hits Massive Friday Box Office

Suicide Squad Hits Massive Friday Box Office by filmjunkee The reviews aren’t affecting moviegoers as Suicide Squad pulls in $65.1 million on Friday. This is pushing the movie to track $150+ and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the movie ends up making more than Batman v Superman in its opening weekend.

Aug 05

Suicide Squad Breaks a Thursday Night Box Office Record

Suicide Squad Breaks Thursday Night Box Office… by filmjunkee The critics haven’t been too nice to Suicide Squad this week, and many of us worried that the negative reviews would affect the box office earnings. Looking at the Thursday night box office return…no worries. Suicide Squad pulled in $20.5 million last night breaking all Thursday …

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Aug 03

A Lot of Joker Scenes Cut Out and Other BTS Drama for Suicide Squad

A Lot of Joker Scenes Cut Out and Other BTS… by filmjunkee Oh boy. So, new information has come about that involves the drama in bringing an ambitious movie like Suicide Squad to the big screen. None of this information has been confirmed of course, but after hearing multiple times from both good reviews and …

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