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Aug 20

Henry Cavill Revealed in Full Superman Costume on Batman v Superman Set!

Look at that beautiful costume my friends. Henry Cavill spotted again on the Batman v Superman set, but this time the robe is open for all to see. Not too much different from Man of Steel, but the alterations they give it work and I love the fact that they slicked his hair back. They …

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Aug 18

Henry Cavill in Superman Costume Spotted on Batman v Superman Set!

It’s one of those nights gang! Just as I was putting together another video about Batman v Superman, new photos of Henry Cavill on the set in the Superman costume surfaced on the net. Yes, he is wearing a rode, but wow does he looks like a bigger, badass looking Christopher Reeve Superman. I flipin’ …

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Jul 26

Batman v. Superman Footage Revealed at Comic Con! Wonder Woman Costume!

There they are friends! All three heroes displayed at the WB Panel not even 15 minutes ago. Wonder Woman is finally revealed to us, and she looks fantastic! The haters should really stop hating now, because Gal Gadot looks amazing in the costume. Snyder graced his presence on the stage, and gave them all a …

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Jul 03

Check Out the First Image of Superman from Batman v. Superman!

There he is folks. In the costume. Earlier this week, we got a look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent on the set of Batman v. Superman, and today, we get a new interview from the captain, Zack Snyder, alongside this fairly dark-ish kind of photo of Supes. Snyder sat down with USA Today to …

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Jun 09

New Batman v. Superman Set Photo Shows Superman Statue


Today some of us thought that maybe Warner Bros. and DC were going to unveil something that had to do with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I don’t know why some of us were, but sadly no there was nothing. The big secret Warner Bros. was keeping, is a new Batman exhibit celebrating 75 …

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Jun 08

LexCorp Spotted and Superman Body Mold Explained


Last week, we heard that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was going to be shooting some LexCorp scenes this week, and it looks like that info is true. As you can see the building above: that is LexCorp. The building was spotted by uofmuscle.com, who stated that construction has finished on the building and …

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Mar 05

Batman Vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Batsuit! More Matrix Movies Coming?

Hello film nerds. It is time to talk a little movies with yours truly. Today we got Zack Snyder talking Batman Vs. Superman casting and backlash. Love the words he had to say to all the haters. More Matrix movies might be hitting the big screen which really tickles my movie bone. Really want to …

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Mar 02

Batman Vs. Superman Costume Designer Talks Batsuit and Wonder Woman Costume [Video]


Michael Wilkinson has the jaunting task on creating the costumes for Batman Vs. Superman, and he recently was asked about the new project. While attending a pre-Oscar party last night, Wilkinson talks a little about tweaking the Superman costume, how he loves the feedback he’s heard about the batsuit, and then goes into more detail …

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Feb 11

Ben Affleck Batsuit to be Revealed Next Week?


The Ben Affleck Batsuit…it is definitely something us Batman nerds are so looking forward into seeing, and we will stare at it until Batman Vs. Superman is released. There is a rumor that we will see the coveted batsuit at the end of this month, and Forbes blogger and Batman on Film BFFL Mark Hughes, has …

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Dec 22

Costumes Almost Done for Batman Vs. Superman


Batman Vs. Superman will begin principal photography in February, which just means the crew of the movie are working tirelessly in the pre-production stages. One in particular person that is working hard is costume designer Michael Wilkinson. He has given us an update on how the costumes are coming along. We are now in the stage …

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