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Aug 24

Possible Man of Steel 2 Story Details Leak

Possible Man of Steel 2 Story Details Leak by filmjunkee Here we go, guys. Another post from 4chan that we have to take with a HUGE grain of salt. Now I wasn’t going to post this but reading thought the bullet points of this possible Man of Steel 2 story, I couldn’t help it. It …

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Feb 02

Unused ‘Superman: Flyby’ Superman Costume and Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh Screentests!

Dec 11

Batman Vs. Superman Casting Rumors and Wonder Woman Reactions! Godzilla 2014 is Here!


Welcome film friends! Time for that video portion of your weekly news. Lots of news coming out of the Batman Vs. Superman world. Amy Adams reacts to Wonder Woman. Jason Momoa in talks to play a role. It is never ending when it comes to rumors that is for sure. Batman Vs. Superman is almost …

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