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Jan 19

Justice League Blu-ray Features Rundown

I’m a day late on this but whatever, want to fight about it? The Justice League Blu-ray will be in stores on March 13th, but the list of features were revealed. Now don’t start popping boners about the deleted scenes just yet, as I believe we’re only getting added Superman scenes that include him getting …

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Nov 21

Superman Officially Joins the Justice League in Alex Ross Inspired Poster

We finally have Superman in the crowd favorite Alex Ross inspired Justice League poster. With his real face! (I’m sorry) And the poster now feels complete, even if it’s still missing that green guy.

Sep 28

Danny Elfman Talks Justice League Moving Scene Needing String Orchestra

Danny Elfman was honored at Hollywood in Vienna” film music gala recently and he spoke about what’s happening wtih his score for Justice League. According to Elfman, he finished recording last week, but had to request a string orchestra to complete a “moving scene” in the movie. He got his way and many are suspecting this …

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Jan 24

Zack Snyder Says Superman Plays a Big Part in Justice League

Zack Snyder Says Superman Plays a Big Part in… by filmjunkee Empire Magazine has released that beautiful hi-res version of the Justice League for us to take our pants off to. There is also a quote from Zack Snyder talking about how important Superman is with the story. Superman does play a big part in …

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Jan 21

Is this a LEAKED Image of Superman’s Black Suit in Justice League??? No…

Is the a Leaked Image of Superman's Black Suit… by filmjunkee Hey, look at this. The Photoshop experts are at again in a new grainy image of Superman supposedly in the black suit for Justice League. It’s an obvious fake, but a valiant effort. It’s been making the rounds so of course I had to …

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Dec 24

Batman and Superman Will Argue on Who Leads the Justice League

Batman and Superman Will Argue on Who Leads the… by filmjunkee Henry Cavill was interviewed recently and of course was asked about the Justice League movie. Cavill gave a little insight on what happens with the team once Superman comebacks. There’s pretty much an argument between him and Batman as to who is the leader. …

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Aug 08

Man of Steel 2 in Active Development

Man of Steel 2 in Active Development by filmjunkee We’ve all been wondering if a true Man of Steel sequel will show up on the WB/DC state in the next five years. According to The Wrap, that sequel is in active development. A source close to Mr. Scooper has told him that it’s already well …

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