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Oct 11

Check Out this Fan FIlm Trailer of The Punisher Marvel Does Not Want You to see [Video]


Fan films have become more frequent in the superhero world. Regular aspiring filmmakers, round up all they can to try to pull of their vision of what their favorite superheroes should be portrayed like on the big screen. Today we get a new trailer for fan film featuring The Punisher, called The Dead Can’t Be Distracted. …

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Oct 09

This Day in 1976, the Public was Introduced to Star Wars. Watch the Teaser Trailer!


Back in 1976, in a Galaxy not so far, far away, a teaser trailer for a film called Star Wars made its debut to the public. It was a new brand of Sci-fi adventure, that was brought to life by a young writer/director named George Lucas. This film would introduce us to characters and a …

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