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Jul 01

Terminator Genisys – Film Review

Jun 30

Terminator Genisys Not Satisfying Critics Like the Oiled Up Male Strippers – Weekend Warrior

Jun 23

Terminator Genisys Resetting the Future Images Released!

May 10

New Terminator Genisys Character Posters!

Feb 19

New Terminator Genisys Plot Details and Script Praised!

Of course you know Skynet isn’t going to go out without a fight. This is when a new and very powerful threat appears. As action packed and exciting as the first two portions of the movie are, the third portion of the movie has even more non-stop big explosive action with tons of destruction and …

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Dec 03

Terminator Genisys Teaser to the Trailer!


The first Terminator Genisys will officially hit tomorrow, but you can get a small taste of it right now. For some reason this the the new thing when it comes to teasing: let’s release a teaser to the teaser! Hey, we get some footage, and the footage instills some hope for this new movie in …

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Oct 31

Terminator: Genisys Trailer Description and AWFUL Promo Images!

Oct 26

More Avengers 2 Footage Coming! The Nolans are not Part of the DC Universe!


Aug 06

Terminator Reboot Wraps Production and Gets Official Title

The anticipated Terminator Reboot, that was being called Terminator: Genesis, has wrapped principal photography and Arnold Schwarzenegger let everyone know what the official title is. Terminator: Genesys is now our official title for the reboot, and Schwarzenegger had this to say to his fans on Facebook: Hasta la vista, baby. I want to thank the cast and …

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Mar 30

Terminator: Genesis Casts Last Major Role

Terminator: Genesis will see the start of its production next month, and we already got all the major roles cast, and we found out what Arnold will be doing in the new reboot. This weekend we got word that the production has cast its last major role, and it is pretty random role in the …

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