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Sep 09

Avengers Infinity War Teaser Hi-Res Thanos Gauntlet Glove Image!

Avengers Infinity War Teaser Hi-Res Thanos… by filmjunkee Avengers Age of Ultron is coming to video real soon, so a bunch of tasty goodies are coming out it. One being Thanos holding that Gauntlet Glove teasing Avengers Infinity War Part 1. We saw that secret scene at the end of Avengers 2, where Thanos makes …

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Jan 03

Second Avengers 2 Trailer Almost Here! Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Iron Man 4

Dec 20

Avengers Age of Ultron Toys Show Us the New Costumes!

Oct 28

Captain America: Civil War and Other Marvel Phase 3 Movie Titles Announced!

The Marvel Event has come to a close, and they certainly came guns blazing. All those untitled dates they announced not too long ago, have been filled, and you can check it all out, as well as all the logos below. They also officially announced Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, and brought him out on …

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Aug 01

Check Out the Marvel Phase Tribute Video from Comic Con!

With Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters today, Marvel released a new video that is a tribute to the awesome cinematic universe they have created. Naturally it starts with the first Iron Man, and goes through every single Marvel movie to Guardians of the Galaxy, which then you get a surprise appearance by the big …

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May 31

Superman’s New Costume from Batman v. Superman?! Aging Terminator Spotted!


I hope your Saturday is going swimmingly, because now I got some movie news coming your way in video form. Superman’s new costume from Batman v. Superman might have been spotted in mold form, and we have our Thanos voice in The Avengers world. We also get a first look at Arnold as the aging …

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May 30

Josh Brolin Cast to Voice Thanos!

We have our Thanos my friends. At the end of Avengers, there was that lovely secret scene that Avenger comic book fans got tickled by, when that face you see above turned around with a smile. Everyone then assumed that Thanos would be the next villian in the Avenger saga, but turns out, we probably …

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