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Mar 18

Joe Manganiello Responds to Deathstroke Batman Question that will be Taken Negatively

Joe Manganiello Responds to Deathstroke Batman… by filmjunkee Well here’s a response from Joe Manganiello about his Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman movie that won’t be taken positively. While promoting the new Surfs movie on Pittsburgh Today Live, the lady at the end asks him about him playing Deathstroke in Batman. Joe kind of pauses and …

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Mar 07

Joe Manganiello Clarifies Batman Production Start and Takes Jab at Media

Joe Manganiello Clarifies Batman Production… by filmjunkee Joe Manganiello was interviewed by Robert Irvine Magazine recently and he did a little chatting about his Deathstroke role in The Batman movie. He also clarified his words on that Spring production start for the anticipated movie. I love it. Last year, I said May and that was my understanding. …

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Feb 23

Matt Reeves to OFFICIALLY Direct and Produce The Batman Movie

This is why we wait for confirmation, guys. Matt Reeves has officially signed on to produce and direct Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. LKast we heard was that Reeves exited negotiations, but that56’s just part of the business. Of course sites everywhere just claimed that the DCEU was in more trouble. Let’s put all that to …

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Feb 13

Ridley Scott in Line to Direct The Batman Movie if Matt Reeves Doesn’t?

Ridley Scott In Line to Direct The Batman Movie… by filmjunkee Well this is interesting. We still haven’t had any confirmation from Warner Bros., Ben Affleck, or Matt Reeves, about Reeves taking the director’s chair for The Batman. We’re just going by what Deadline and Variety said. According the The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott is …

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Nov 04

Ben Affleck’s Batman Script IS A MESS! BECAUSE DCEU!

Ben Affleck's Batman Script IS A MESS! BECAUSE… by filmjunkee Here we go again. If it’s a DCEU movie, it’s a mess. New rumor has surfaced saying that Ben Affleck’s Batman script is a mess. And Warner Bros. execs DON’T CARE. This comes from American Psycho author, Bret Easton Ellis, who knows a guy that knows …

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