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Jun 12

The Conjuring 2 Kills While Warcraft Falls Short – Sunday Box Office

The Box Office has three new movies coming out this weekend, and it looks like people wanted to be scared more than impressed by magic and magic tricks. The Conjuring 2 took in $40.4 million which is unheard of for a horror sequel. James Wan is the man. The Conjuring 2         …

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Jun 11

The Conjuring 2 – Film Review

The Conjuring 2 sees the return of the Warrens and the return of James Wan as director. Annabelle was a a misfire with this franchise, so how does The Conjuring 2 fair out? Check my review above.

Jul 17

The Conjuring Spin-Off ‘Annabelle’ Gets its First Trailer

The Conjuring saw a pretty successful response when it hit theaters, and not just at the box office. Critics praised James Wan and his unique horror style, so naturally when you get that kind of response, you immediately look to more movies. But instead of jumping right into a sequel, a spin-off titled Annabelle, will …

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