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Jan 19

Justice League Blu-ray Features Rundown

I’m a day late on this but whatever, want to fight about it? The Justice League Blu-ray will be in stores on March 13th, but the list of features were revealed. Now don’t start popping boners about the deleted scenes just yet, as I believe we’re only getting added Superman scenes that include him getting …

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Jan 17

Ben Affleck Turned Down Directing ‘Flashpoint’? More on the Two Directors Helming the Movie.

I pretty much said how I felt about the new supposed directors of the Flash movie in the first post about the news, but of course I have to put it in video form because I don’t shut up. Affleck turning down directing Flashpoint sounds interesting if true. Kind of makes the “WB sour” rumor …

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Jan 16

The Flash Movie May Get Spider-Man Homecoming Writers to Direct

I’m going to refuse calling it “Flashpoint” because my fears of WB stripping that story down are being realized. Robert Zemeckis was rumored to be doing the Flash movie which fans were pretty okay with. Apparently Affleck was also rumored (briefly) to direct but now we have the Spider-Man Homecoming screenwriters coming in to direct …

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Jan 02

New Justice League Concept Art and BTS Images Show Us What Could’ve Been

New Justice League concept art and behind the scenes shots have surfaced and it shows us more of what could’ve been. Batman handling some Parademon weaponry? Come on!!!

Nov 03

A Ton of New Justice League Images Surface to Nerd Out About

A ton of Justice League images have surfaced so grab the lotion and remove the pants. What is wrong with me? Some are stills from the movie and others are behind the scenes. Have fun.

Oct 29

Justice League Posters Released in the Past Week

New Justice League posters were released this week as pre=sale tickets went up. Gorgeous.

Oct 18

New Justice League Poster and Footage Showing Some Changes

A new Justice League poster has been released showing us our heroes ready for action. Not everyone is a fan of this poster though. It’s fine. But then we have new footage shown that has tweaked the background of some of these shots we already have seen. We are now seeing the progression of these …

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Oct 02

New Justice League Movie Stills and Behind the Scenes Featurette

Looks like Empire Magazine will be releasing that Justice League issue really soon as scans from the magazine have surfaced. There’s also a Behind the scenes featurette floating around so I’ll update this post accordingly. Awesome![https://t.co/jyDqhpQkOf] pic.twitter.com/DHpViNL3sI — Se├ín (@ReelFada) October 2, 2017

Sep 29

Beautiful Justice League Posters and Empire Magazine Cover

New Justice League character posters and comic book style covers.

Sep 16

Barry Allen ‘Flash Cave’ Easter Eggs and New Justice League Banner

An image of Barry Allen from Justice League in his “Flash Cave” was released a couple days ago, and you can stay busy looking at all the Easter Eggs there are. I talk about a few in the video, but please tell me more. There was also a new Justice League banner that showed up.