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Jan 16

The Incredible Hulk Watch – Infinity War Challenge

The Infinity War Challenge continues on with The Incredible Hulk. Underrated MCU flick, so check out my watch of it.

Jul 22

New Thor Ragnarok Concept Art Pins the Heroes into a Face Off

Some new Thor Ragnarok concept art has surfaced this Comic Con morning. Art you will see in posters and merchandise. New trailer should be out later today so make sure your subscribed to my channels.

Jul 23

Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Armor Revealed at Comic Con!

Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Armor Revealed at… by filmjunkee Marvel might not have big movie panels at this year’s Comic Con, but they are still making their presence known by revealing Hulk’s gladiator armor from Thor Ragnarok. They started shooting the Hulk and Thor sequel on July 4th so I doubt there will be any …

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Feb 07

Ant-Man and Hulk Appear in New Coca-Cola Commercial

Ant-Man and Hulk Appear in New Coca-Cola… by filmjunkee We got the Captain America Civil War TV spot earlier, and now we have Ant-Man and The Hulk appearing in a new Coca Cola commercial. It’s pretty funny, and the quality is top-notch. Check it out below.

Jan 25

New Thor Ragnarok Rumor Shines Light on How Hulk is Involved

New Thor Ragnarok Rumor Shines Light on How… by filmjunkee Thor Ragnarok is shaping up to be another great chapter in the MCU, and Geek.com has gotten some rumored info on how The Hulk plays a part in the sequel. Here’s what they have to say. Source link down below. After Thor catches on to …

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Oct 15

Mark Ruffalo CONFIRMED to Reprise Hulk Role in Thor Ragnarok!

Mark Ruffalo CONFIRMED to Reprise Hulk Role in… by filmjunkee It’s official! Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as the Hulk in Thor Ragnarok. The Joblo rumor scoop ended up being true, and I think this is absolutely brilliant. These are the only two Avengers that will not be in Captain America Civil War, so …

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Oct 13

New Thor Ragnarok Details Suggest it will be Marvel’s Darkest Movie

New Thor Ragnarok Details Suggest it will be… by filmjunkee Thor Ragnarok just might be Marvel’s darkest movie ever. What? Thor? His movies have always been light-hearted chalked full of goofy side characters that were both annoying and comedic. New sources are suggesting that the Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle¬†script is super dark, and Marvel …

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Oct 12

The Hulk Might Return in Thor Ragnarok

We find out not too long ago that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk was cut out of Captain America Civil War, which saddened us because we were all hoping for a Hulk/Red Hulk showdown given General Ross was apart of Civil War. Now there is a new rumor out there from the boys at JoBlo that tells …

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Sep 09

Marvel to Release Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook Series

Marvel to Release a Marvel Cinematic Universe… by filmjunkee Marvel is about to give us something fantastic. A new series of books will be coming out that are called the MCU Guidebook Series. In these books, Marvel will give us little facts about each Marvel Studios movie, as well as compare them to the comics. …

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Jun 23

Reasons Why a New Hulk Solo Movie hasn’t been Made Yet