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May 06

Joker Gets Stern with Harley Quinn in Leaked Suicide Squad Image

Joker Gets Stern with Harley Quinn in Leaked… by filmjunkee A new image from Suicide Squad has been leaked out of the Rolling Stone Summer Blockbuster Issue. Looks like Jared Leto’s Joker is getting a little stern with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, which I cannot wait to see their story brought to life.

Apr 26

First Batman: The Killing Joke Trailer is Here!

First Batman: The Killing Joke Trailer is Here! by filmjunkee The first Batman: The Killing Joke trailer is here in all its R-rated glory. Warner Bros. finally adapted the most graphic of Batman stories featuring his number one foe. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy both came back to voice their characters, and I cannot wait. …

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Mar 31

Suicide Squad Reshoots Happening because it Needs More ‘Fun’ and ‘Humor’

Suicide Squad Reshoots Happening because it… by filmjunkee I was afraid the negativity surrounding Batman v Superman’s going to bleed over to Suicide Squad, but how could that happen after what we have seen? Well it did, guys. And I can’t even begin to understand it. Apparently Suicide Squad has scheduled reshoots according to Birth.Death.Movies, …

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Mar 16

Jared Leto Joker Brilliance Discussed by David Ayer and New Suicide Squad images

Hard Leto Joker Brilliance Discussed by David… by filmjunkee David Ayer did some chatting about the brilliance that is the Jared Leto Joker. He talks about Suicide Squad in general on how it differs from the other movies. In your normal comic-book movie you have the good guy, the hero, and there’s a checklist and you …

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Feb 14

Jared Leto Joker and Lex Luthor Toys Reveal Minor Spoilers for Batman v Superman

Jared Leto Joker and Lex Luthor Toys Reveal… by filmjunkee The Toy Fair 2016 happened and many companies brought their new toylines, including Mattel with their DC Comics line. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were present and certain figures revealed some details about Batman and Superman’s main villains. First we have a close up …

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Jan 23

New Suicide Squad Statue Collectible Line Revealed!

New Suicide Squad Statue Collectible Line… by filmjunkee Beautiful statues have been revealed for Suicide Squad. The gang is here except for Slipknot, but whatever, he probably gets killed early on. A new Suicide Squad International TV Spot has been released as well. Have fun.

Dec 09

Deadshot Rumored to be in Solo Batman Films

Tasty little rumored has just recently surfaced and it has to do with Will Smith’s Deadshot. According to this new rumor, Deadshot will show up again in the new solo Batman film starring (and possibly directing) Ben Affleck. It won’t be a little cameo neither. Apparently Batman and Deashot will be joining together instead of …

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Nov 23

The Joker Car from Suicide Squad Gets a Closer Look

The creator of the Joker Car from Suicide Squad was just a dude that had a love for exotic supercars, but didn’t have the money to afford them. Matt McEntegart created Vaydor Exotics which came after he created the Vaydor. It’s essentially a Lamborghini with a fiber glass body, but it’s still pretty sexy. Check the video out.

Nov 12

Charles Roven Talks Jared Leto Joker Method Acting and David Ayer

Charles Roven has talked a lot about Batman v Superman, but now Collider got him to talk about the other movie coming out next year, Suicide Squad. He talks about Jared Leto’s Joker method acting, the PG-13 rating, and David Ayer pitching the movie. I love it all, and can’t wait for the movie. Look, …

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Oct 26

Second Jared Leto Joker Empire Magazine Cover Released and Suicide Squad Scene Description!

And now we have a second Empire Magazine cover of the Jared Leto Joker, as well as a scene description from the movie. It was to do with Rick Flag introducing Katana to the res of the Suicide Squad, and he warns them of that magical sword she has. “She’s got my back,” Flag informs …

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