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May 04

The Jungle Book Blows Everyone’s Minds – Last Month in Film

Another month has passed, so it’s time to recap the month of April. The Jungle Book definitely blew our minds with superb visual effects, and excellent voice talent acting. Other movies pleased us, while there were those ones that nobody really cared to see.

Apr 15

The Jungle Book – Film Review

The Jungle Book gets another version this time in the hands of Jon Favereu. The voice cast in this movie is pretty stellar, and the trailers showed off the visual effects to be quite gorgeous. Does it do the classic story justice. Check out my review for the big YES IT DOES.

Feb 07

Check Out The Jungle Book Super Bowl TV Spot

The Jungle Book gets a new and long Super Bowl TV spot, and this movie looks pretty gorgeous. Cinematography and CGI look pretty amazing, and I’m glad we got a trailer with the voices being heard.

Sep 14

Jungle Book Movie Trailer Leaks in Low-Quality UPDATE: HD Trailer Now Here!

Jungle Book Movie Trailer Leaks in Low-Quality by filmjunkeeThe Jungle Book trailer was suppose to get released today, but turns out that won’t happen until tomorrow. BUT…if you want to watch a low0quality version, just click that link below. It was recorded off of someone’s TV, so not the best quality, but I’m sure you’ll …

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