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Oct 12

The Hulk Might Return in Thor Ragnarok

We find out not too long ago that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk was cut out of Captain America Civil War, which saddened us because we were all hoping for a Hulk/Red Hulk showdown given General Ross was apart of Civil War. Now there is a new rumor out there from the boys at JoBlo that tells …

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Nov 17

Did Best Man Holiday Hammer Out Thor this Weekend? [Box Office]


This weekend only saw one new box office contender that is a sequel to a movie that came out 14 years ago. That is a terribly long time between movies, but going into the weekend, Best Man Holiday was tapped to take on Asgard. Surprisingly, it almost won the battle. Thor: The Dark World wins …

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Nov 11

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Opens up About Avengers 2 & 3, Phase 3, Thor 3, and More [Video]


With Thor 2’s recent box office success, Marvel is coasting comfortably through blockbuster glory. There are still many questions though, on where the story is headed. When is Thanos showing up? Dr. Strange? The Infinity Gems? It is kind of funny how we know the stories from the comic books, but we do not know …

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Nov 10

Thor Dominates the Box Office with His Hammer [Box Office]


Not that it is shocking to anyone, but Thor: The Dark World completely dominated the box office over the weekend, with an $86.1 million return. Many predicted it would get $95 million, but settling at $86.1 is not bad at all for the Demigod. Considering it already has earned $180.1 million internationally, another 86 mil …

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Nov 08

Thor: The Dark World – Film Review


Thor: The Dark World brings us back to Asgard, and to see what our hammer swinging Avenger is up to. The movie sets two years after the first movie, and Thor has been busy cleaning up Loki’s mess he caused in The Avengers. Wars have started in other realms, and Thor and his army have …

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Nov 02

Thor: The Dark World Already Pulling in $45.2 Million Internationally

Thor-the dark=wrold-b-roll-footage

Thor: The Dark World is not premiering in the states for another week still, but the sequel is already hitting the ground running in the international market. The Demigod has already earned $45.2 million, which is a pretty fantastic start considering it has not debuted here yet. Here are the current numbers from the countries …

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Oct 31

5-Minute Captain America: The Winter Soldier Preview attached to Thor 2 3D


Marvel not only wants you to check out Thor: The Dark World November 8th, but they also want you to get psyched up for Captain America; The Winder Soldier. Seems that if you go check out Thor 2 in 3D, you will be treated to a 5-minute sneak preview of the next Captain America. Not …

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Oct 30

Ben Affleck Talks a Little Batman! Details Emerge from Avengers 2 and Guardians Of The Galaxy!


Lots to talk about in today’s show, that was actually supposed to be uploaded yesterday. I think I might have to start doing to shows a week now that I have the website to get my stories from. Anyways, enjoy the show! Movie News Ben Affleck talks Batman Kevin Feige talks Avengers 2, Guardians Of …

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Oct 28

Kevin Feige Talks Avengers 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Secret Thor 2 End Credits Scene


Kevin Feige is no stranger in letting us know a little dirt when comes to the Marvel Universe, and recently while promoting Thor: The Dark World, he answered some questions on the future of Marvel. Obviously, Phase 2 is underway with all the individual Avenger movies, but Feige goes a little further than that. Here …

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Oct 17

Check Out 15 Minutes of B-Roll Footage From Thor: The Dark World

Thor-the dark=wrold-b-roll-footage

The second movie starring an Avenger, that is post-Avengers, will be upon us next month, but your can get a tasty dose of it right now. Seems that 15 minutes of B-roll footage from Thor: The Dark World has made its way online. It is almost behind the scenes footage, but usually behind the scenes …

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