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Aug 23

More Thor Ragnarok Set Photos Show Anthony Hopkins as a Different Odin

More Thor Ragnarok Set Photos Show Anthony… by filmjunkeeMore Thor Ragnarok images have surfaced this time giving us a look and Anthony Hopkin’s Odin. As you can see, Odin is rocking some bum attire, and it’s speculated that Odin is roaming the Earth claiming the end is near. We saw at the end of Thor …

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Aug 22

Another Marvel Hero Confirmed to Appear in Thor Ragnarok?

Doctor Strange Confirmed to Appear in Thor… by filmjunkee SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Thor Ragnarok set photos have surfaced showing Thor and Loki walking around New York City…or Brisbane, Queensland acting as New York. What is interesting about these set images is the card with an address Thor is holding. The address is 177A Bleecker Street which is headdress …

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Aug 21

Thor Ragnarok Set Videos and Photos Take Thor and Loki to New York

Thor Ragarok Set Videos and Photos Take Thor… by filmjunkee Looks like Thor Ragnarok will have some important scenes in New York City as Thor and Loki take to the streets in hew set videos and photos. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston don regular Earth clothes as they shoot scenes in the Big Apple. They …

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Aug 03

Mark Ruffalo Selfies with Hulk’s Head as He Wraps Thor Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo Selfies with Hulk Head as He Wraps… by filmjunkee Mark Ruffalo has completed his work for Thor Ragnarok, and he celebrated by taking a selfie with Hulk’s head. Ruffalo will most likely be Hulk the entire time give that this movie will reference Planet Hulk, so doing a month’s worth of mocap is …

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Jul 23

Marvel Releases New Movie Logos, Casting News, and Footage!

Marvel Releases New Movie Logos, Casting News… by filmjunkee Marvel Studios brought the goods for their panel today at Comic Con, and footage was shown, but we won’t be able to see it. What they did show everyone is the new logos for Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Thor Ragnarok, and Captain …

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Jul 23

Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Armor Revealed at Comic Con!

Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Armor Revealed at… by filmjunkee Marvel might not have big movie panels at this year’s Comic Con, but they are still making their presence known by revealing Hulk’s gladiator armor from Thor Ragnarok. They started shooting the Hulk and Thor sequel on July 4th so I doubt there will be any …

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Jun 25

First Thor Ragnarok Set Photos Surface and Director Discusses Sequel

First Thor Ragnarok Set Photos Surface and… by filmjunkeeThor Ragnarok will begin production on July 4th, but set photos have already surfaced showing them constructing the set pieces. Director, Taika Waititi, talked about the sequel and Marvel giving him a chance. I’ve been hanging out with Chris and I’ve been working on the script with the …

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May 31

New Thor Ragnarok Story Details that Include Planet Hulk!

New Thor Ragnarok Story Details that Include… by filmjunkee Joblo got exclusive story details for Thor Ragnarok, and everyone will be happy that those details include Planet Hulk. References to the popular Hulk story will be a part of this story, as well as the Ragnarok story. Apparently both Hulk and Thor will be banished …

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May 20

First Thor Ragnarok Concept Art and New Cast Members Announced!

First Thor Ragnarok Concept Art and New Cast… by filmjunkee Big news coming out of Thor Ragnarok as the first piece of concept is released. The image shows the villain Goddess of Death, Hela, which will be played by Cate Blanchett. Jeff Goldblum will play Grandmaster, Tess Thompson will play Thor’s possible new love interest, Valkyrie, …

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Feb 10

New Thor Ragnarok Spoiler Rumor Tells the End of an MCU Character

New Thor Ragnarok Spoiler Rumor Tells the End… by filmjunkee With the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting bigger, it’s time to start killing off some of the old characters. With Captain America Civil War looking to off some of the characters, Thor Ragnarok might get rid of a character as well. POSSIBLE SPOILERS! According to Latino …

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