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May 06

Deadpool Gag Reel Now Available to Watch and Blu-ray Commercial is What the Doctor Ordered

Dead pool Gag Reel Now Available to Watch and… by filmjunkee The Deadpool gag reel can now be viewed and it is six minutes of hilarity. I don’t know how they could’ve determined which lines to use from these guys. The commercial for the Deadpool Blu-ray has also been showing on TVs, and the marketing …

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Feb 21

‘Dear Deadpool’ by Deadpool and Weasel with Sexual Subliminal Messages

'Dear Deadpool' by Deadpool and Weasel with… by filmjunkee The Deadpool goodness keeps on coming. Not only is the movie shattering records at the box office, they keep giving us brilliance on the interwebs. I hope this continues until Deadpool 2. #DearDeadpool is your new favorite advice show! #Deadpool: https://t.co/E6xL6Rd4xm @VancityReynolds @nottjmiller pic.twitter.com/4plAEPqS4d — Nerdist …

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Dec 24

Deadpool TV Spot, Christmas Promo, Pool Log, and Colossus for 12 Days of Deadpool!

So much Deadpool awesome on this day of 12 Days of Deadpool, including a TV spot that wasn’t suppose to hit the interwebs yet. I don’t know who messed up, but Fox isn’t happy. I don’t need to explain anything else. Enjoy.

Mar 20

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Movie Chair Revealed! T.J. Miller Confirms Weasel!

Feb 14

Deadpool Movie Adds Three More Actors and One is an X-Men Character!