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Aug 14

Tom Cruise Injures Himself Performing a Stunt on M:I 6 Set

Tom Cruise loves doing his own stunts, but yesterday, a video surfaced of him mis-judging a jump and hurting himself on set. I’m sure he will bounce back quickly. RAW VIDEO: Tom Cruise injured during stunt gone wrong on the set of "Mission Impossible 6" pic.twitter.com/8TNIoufBmy — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) August 13, 2017

May 31

Warner Bros. May Be Suing Universal Over Dark Universe Name

Warner Bros. May Be Suing Universal Over Dark… by filmjunkee Looks like Warner Bros. isn’t too happy about Universal using the “Dark Universe” name for their cinematic universe. Justice League Dark was going running with the title Dark Universe, but once Universal released a video showing off their classic monsters, everyone just figured Warner would …

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Jul 31

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – Film Review

Mar 22

First Mission Impossible ‘Rogue Nation’ Trailer and Poster is Here!

Jun 06

Edge of Tomorrow – Film Review


Edge of Tomorrow stars Mr. Tom Cruise, and Miss Emily Blunt, and brings the concept of Groundhog Day to a future, HALO-like world, where aliens of invaded the Earth. Cruise plays a commander that gets suckered into having to battle on the front lines as the first wave of soldiers try to take back Europe …

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Jun 04

Edge of Tomorrow Impressing the Critics – Weekend Warrior


Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters this weekend, and buzz about this movie is reaching levels of X-Men and Captain America 2. As you can see from the image above, the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Ground Hog Day meets HALO flick, is impressing critics, and that makes me happy. I was already looking forward to …

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Mar 25

Check Out the New Edge of Tomorrow Trailer!

The Edge of Tomorrow kind of combines a Halo like world with the idea of Groundhog’s Day. Tom Cruise stars as a soldier who has one unique ability. Anytime he dies, he starts his day over. He then sets out to change the outcome of the wars being fought with the aid of the beautiful …

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Dec 11

Watch the Edge of Tomorrow Trailer Starring Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise well jump into the sci-fi genre once again, with his new movie called Edge of Tomorrow. Cruise stars as Colonel Bill Cage, and it takes place in the future where humanity is fighting a huge war with an alien race. Cage dies on the battlefield, but for some reason, gets stuck in a …

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Nov 20

Batman Vs. Superman Plot Details Emerge?!?! 3 More Sequels for 2015!


Hello movie lovers. Time for that time of the week where I talk about all that important movie news. Lots more Batman Vs. Superman news coming about. I cannot wait until next year when we start seeing production stills, and videos from onlookers. It shall be a grand old time. Enjoy the show! Movie Topics …

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Nov 13

Mission Impossible 5 Gets its Release Date


Mission Impossible 5 finally gets a release date, and it looks like Santa Claus will be helping out Tom Cruise in 2015. December 23rd, 2015 is when the Impossible Mission Force will covertly interfere with a terrorist plot once again, and that release date is just one week after Star Wars Episode VII. If that …

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