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Mar 22

New Spider-Man Homecoming Promo Image has Spidey Swinging into Action

New Spider-Man Homecoming Promo Image has… by filmjunkee A new promo image from

Feb 19

The Shocker from Spider-Man Homecoming Revealed in Toy Concept Art

The Shocker from Spider-Man Homecoming Revealed… by filmjunkee The Shocker has been somewhat revealed to us as he shows up in concept art for Spider-Man Homecoming toys. The Toy Fair is taking place right now so people are snapping pictures which makes us all happy. 3/4: New York Toy Fair 2017 was a blast! Thanks …

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Feb 10

New Avengers Infinity War Video Shows Set and New Concept Art

New Avengers Infinity War Video Shows Set and… by filmjunkee Marvel Studios just released a new video telling us the year long Avengers Infinity War shoot that will happen this year. New concept can be seen in the video, as well as a set video with Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt. Nice …

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Jan 26

First Look at Peter Parker’s First Spider-Man Costume in Toy Form

First Look at Peter Parker's First Spider-Man… by filmjunkee Hasbro Toys has given us a look at their toy line for Spider-Man Homecoming, and the most stand out figurine is the one that shows Peter’s first Spidey suit. Pretty much what we thought it was going to be, and I love how this movie will …

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Jan 05

Spider-Man’s Upgraded Costume Gets Detailed in New Video

Spider-Man's Upgraded Costume Gets Detailed in… by filmjunkee CES 2017 is currently happening right now in Las Vegas, and Spider-Man is making his presence known. A new video was released detailing Peter Parker’s upgraded Spider-Man Costume h gets from Tony Stark. It’s nothing too huge, but fun. Have fun. The most important upgrade out of …

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Jan 03

New Spider-Man Image has Spidey Leaping Out of Laptop

New Spider-Man Image has Spidey Leaping Out of… by filmjunkee Spider-Man Homecoming and Dell Computers have joined forces apparently, as a new image of Tome Holland’s Spider-Man has been released. Looks pretty cool. One of the main reasons why I posted about this is because I’ve noticed big blockbusters have teamed up with companies for …

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Dec 08

First Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer has Arrived!

It is here! with web wings and vultures, the first Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has landed, but guess what? THERE’S TWO TRAILERS! At least Kevin Feige said there were going to be two slightly different ones. Will post them both when ready. You should not be reading this right now. Watch them over and over again.

Dec 07

FIRST LOOK at Spider-Man’s Web Wings for Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Teaser

FIRST LOOK at Spider-Man's Web Wings for Spider… by filmjunkee We have our first look at footage from Spider-Man Homecoming that displays Spider-Man’s Web Wings. The first trailer will debut tomorrow night on Jimmy Kimmel live, and I’m ready.

Dec 02

Spider-Man Costume Upgrade CONFIRMED! Spider-Man Homecoming Footage Description!

Spider-Man Costume Upgrade CONFIRMED! Spider… by filmjunkee Some tasty Spider-Man Homecoming footage was shown at CCXP in Brazil today, and we have a description. The Spider-Man Homecoming footage was short but AWESOME.┬áStarts from Spidey’s POV, talking with Happy Hogan. There’s a case from Tony Stark with an “upgrade” for Spidey. Then we see Spidey leap …

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Nov 30

Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Spotted. Teaser Trailer this Weekend?

Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Spotted… by filmjunkee A new teaser poster for Spider-Man Homecoming was spotted being erected in Brazil for CCXP. The poster looks monstrous, but there’s a rumor floating that the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man might show up this Friday. Keep your eyes peeled.