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Jun 24

Transformers: The Last Knight – Film Review

Transformers: The Last Knight is now in theaters, and for those of you that aren’t sure weather you want to see it, well let me tell you: I felt exhausted after watching this. Check out my review above to see what I mean.

Dec 05

First Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer is Here!

The first Transformers: The Last Knight trailer has arrived, and it’s full of Michael Bay. Stop reading and get your face blown off.

Jun 22

Michael Bay Reveals New Autobot for Transformers 5

Michael Bay Reveals New Autobot for Transformers 5 by filmjunkee Michael Bay went to Instagram to introduce a new Autobot for Transformers 5. That Autobot’s name is Squeeks. The image below looks like something out of a Disney movie, but hey, looks like they are introducing a BB8-like character. Good for them. My talented young …

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May 28

Transformers 5 Viral Video Teases Villain

Transformers 5 Viral Video Teases Villain by filmjunkee Transformers 5 The Last Knight, has begun shooting in Cuba and they want to get the marketing started already for the newest Micheal Bay bonanza. The official Transformers Twitter handle posted a viral video below teasing the big baddie coming for Earth. Fans believe the baddie will …

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May 16

Transformers 5 Gets Official Title and Teaser Video

Transformers 5 Gets Official Title and Teaser… by filmjunkee Michael Bay is back with Transformers 5, guys, and there is nothing we can do about it. The official title was revealed today, and that title is The Last Knight. Not sure what it means, but I’m hoping it’s more centered on the Autobots and not …

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Sep 09

Transformers 5 Plot Details Revealed by Voice Actor

Transformers 5 Plot Details Revealed by Voice… by filmjunkee Who is ready for another Transformers? Yeah I’m not, but the movies continue to dominate box office numbers even if they are a cancer to my cinematic senses. A voice actor by the name of┬áMark Ryan spoke about plot details at a UK convention. Stop reading …

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Aug 13

Amy Adams Spotted on Batman v Superman Set! No More Transformers for Michael Bay!


The Junkee Quick Fix is here my friends, hopefully I will satisfy those movie fixes. Amy Adams was spotted on the Batman v Superman set today, looking all Lois Laney like. Some of you (as will I) will celebrate the fact that Michael Bay might not be directing Transformers 5. Let’s pass that torch to …

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Aug 11

Transformers 5 might not be Directed by Michael Bay

The Transformers franchise has seen four movies each one directed by the infamous Michael Bay. First movie was a nice little introduction for the robots in disguise into live-action, but the sequels continued to get worse and worse. With Age of Extinction, they had a complete cast overhaul, yet it still remained the same exact …

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